Unstoppable Domains Patent


I recently made a tweet here https://twitter.com/pcfreak30/status/1628763177067347968 and I wanted to post to ensure the DAO has full awareness of what unstoppable is doing.

See both https://domainnamewire.com/wp-content/Unstoppable-patent.pdf and https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/unstoppable-pledges-patent-non-aggression-pact-across-expanded-web3-domain-alliance/ar-AA17NVZ9.

I have gotten some community/industry comments today that this might not have any “teeth”, but I imagine at-least 1 legal fight can come from this. That just makes it expensive trolling/bullying.

Since ENS technology is what is behind many registries, has helped innovate the web3 domain space, and frankly has the money, I feel the DAO needs to discuss this and push back to say that this is not ok and is against our ethos. It is anti-competitive, trying to gain exclusive I.P. on basically web3 DNS, and anti-innovation.

I would also like to throw out the idea that the DAO should create a community legal fund with its millions to help support all registries or domain/domain-like projects (yes ENS competitors), as this is harmful to everyone. If Unstoppable Domains wants to get mercenary lawyers, funded by Protocol Labs and Coinbase, to bully others into doing things only with them, then the community needs to be ready to get this challenged and thrown out like the trash it’s worth.

Thoughts? Kudos!

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We’re aware of the patents, and we (ENS Labs) are talking to IP lawyers about our options.


Will you be posting the progress of this within the limits of what your legal team allows/advises?

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I’m really glad to see this. :pray:

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I’ll update with anything I’m allowed to share - but in legal proceedings that’s often not a lot.


I saw these applications for Trademarks as well (possibly the same thing as what you are referring to)….


good to see that it’s being investigated.