Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (October)

Hey all - just dropping in for some monthly updates on EP-10 items.

General Updates

Hey all, here for a monthly update. During the last update, I mentioned we began exploring using the community-run server for our Auth0 marketplace implementation which would mean any Auth0 customer running the SIWE plugin will be leveraging the community server. We’re currently in the planning phase of what a migration would look like, and will probably get in touch with their team to see if we can get as smooth a migration if possible.

Across the SIWE libraries, there have been a number of updates including the v2.1.3-beta release of our TypeScript library, various improvements to our next-auth library, and we’ve also begun our Community Calls again via Twitter Spaces. I will post a separate post/thread on that call. In addition to our libraries, we’ve also begun specifying an extension to SIWE called ReCap, which allows an off-chain application to combine authentication and authorization of such, while preserving security and optimizing UX. For more on that, check out this post.

If you’re curious about our work with wallets or about logging in on behalf of a multisig, please get in touch! For those looking to build using the community-run OIDC server, please remember to check out the documentation here, and feel free to always ask any questions wherever needed - we’re here for any additional support.

Grants and Community

As always, if you have a Sign-In with Ethereum & ENS related project or development work in that direction, definitely reach out. We also encourage new development which could include:

  • Enhancements of existing open source libraries around Sign-In with Ethereum.
  • Additional features on existing plugins such as the SIWE Discourse plugin that is currently being used on this forum.
  • Augmenting existing authentication libraries with SIWE+ENS (similar to the existing work that brought the workflow to NextAuth and Passport.js).
  • New application plugin opportunities to embed SIWE+ENS.

We’ve also heard from folks building a few things out for hackathons - and we’re more than happy to encourage this! Anything to further SIWE + ENS is a great service to the ecosystem and we would love to support it wherever possible.

As always - if anyone has any questions, I’m always around to answer them!

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