Upvote needed for Metamask to resolve ENS names on L2 chains

Hi all,

I submitted a Feature Request to Metamask to add support for ENS name and subname resolution on L2 chains.

I need everyone’s help upvoting this.

UPVOTE HEREResolve ENS Names on L2 chains - Feature Requests - MetaMask

It only takes 30 seconds to log in with Discord and upvote.

If you’re feeling extra helpful (or too lazy to log in and upvote :smiley: ) you can help us spread the word on Twitter by retweeting this post.

We already have 27 votes in ~7 hours and are in the top 25 most upvoted feature.

We can break the top 10 easily if we rallied the community around this. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Let’s do this!


This needs to happen :100::pray:t2:


+1 for this! would be very good.

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