Using Fleek to deploy an IPFS site - failed to set content hash - now stuck

Hi, I bought an ENS name for a project, then created a site to be hosted on IPFS. I used fleek to manage all. Fleek has the option to set content hash for an ENS name. I approved 2 transaction (directly on Fleek site) but something went wrong. Now I see “content” on my ens app that is filled with a string, but it does not resolve in the site i built. Nobody knows what happened. Is a problem that occurred to others?

I took a look and you used “ipns://” not “ipfs://“ in the ENS content record.

It is possible “IPNS” is correct if you are using IPNS, but as of now I think most people using Fleek are using IPFS, so you may want to confirm if that’s the issue.

since may '21, fleek started using IPNS for having only one initial transaction for setting the content hash, then letting the user update the site without the need of other tx’s.

problem is I paid 2 transactions during the process for setting the content hash (in fleek website). Then, I saw that the content on ens app was updated, but the ipns is not correct i can suppose.

Fleek does have an option where you can make Fleek the controller (or resolver) of your ENS and then they will automate the updates without you having to manually update the hash and pay gas each time.

I’m not sure you did that (you are still the controller and the resolver is the default address). Therefore, if what you did was copy/paste the hash from Fleek directly into your ENS content record, then you wouldn’t use ipns://, you would use ipfs:// in the ENS content record.

There is gas involved so it may be worth joining the DAO ENS Website Subgroup Discord and asking in there (someone there might even give you access to a Beta IPNS tool that will save you all gas after the 1st content record update :wink:) and/or even ask in Fleek’s discord in an abundance of caution to avoid the wasted gas troubleshooting.

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I made it through the settings on Fleek, see screenshot.

It has to be an easy and straightforward setup. But something went wrong, clearly.
thanks for the suggestions! I’ll surely join the subgroup asap, I’m very interested in ENS.