Vitalik & Ethiopia

Is Vitalik involved in the Ethiopia/ICANN negotiation?

If he isn’t he might be able to accelerate it as he:

1/ has political clout since he has met with so many international leaders (Ethiopia negotiation bit)
2/ has web clout as he is a household name in tech (ICANN negotiation bit)
3/ is 100% committed to ENS success (as it directly benefits Ethereum)

He is extremely busy
— but he knows that if .eth names begin to resolve on mainstream browsers that would be such a push for the Ethereum ecosystem and would reinforce Ethereum’s competitive lead and visibility so he might be happy to invest some of his time in this?


Unfortunately most browsers cannot natively resolve IPFS, Swarm or Arweave contenthashes let alone make calls to the blockchain. So even if the .eth TLD was released to the DAO it wouldn’t just “resolve” in the browser. I recommend checking out this ICANN paper titled “Challenges with
Alternative Name Systems”


thanks for the link @ethlimo.eth — and kudos for the great work you’re doing for the community! :clap: