WalliD eSignatures integration. Sign PDFs with ENS domains and back them as NFTs

Gm fam :wave:

WalliD is launching the Private beta for an integration with DocuSign that enables PDF signatures with ETH addresses and ENS domains, backed by NFTs containing the original signed file stored on-chain, the Proof-of-Signature and minted for every signer.

The goal is to help DAOs and users shifting into Web3 ID standards when it comes to signing agreements (instead of relying on email addresses or gov IDs to sign documents) and to empower open communities by providing a way to publicly share and audit agreements celebrated by DAO managers.
:scroll: You can learn all about this tool in our article here

We’ve successfully completed the incorporation of ENS domains in the service in January’s ETH Global hackathon.
:clapper: watch our live demo at the event here.

We’re giving away Private beta accesses to the ENS fam and we invite you to come try sending and signing documents with your wallets for free.

:hugs: Your feedback is gold for us to keep improving and serving the needs of DAOs and users so don’t hold any punches.