Wanted: A-Z guide for building a dWebsite

Good morning everyone,

We’re currently in the midst of modernizing the eth.limo website. Through this process, we’ve recognized a notable need for documentation explaining how to create a dWebsite without any prior experience.

Previously Esteroids put together this guide which is sourced from many different resources, however it’s not very “user friendly” and some of the documentation is dated or missing.

It would also be great to source a list of projects that simplify this workflow like Webhash/dAppling.

Ultimately we’re looking for a community member to write a detailed A-Z doc on how to build a dWebsite and explain it step by step. There’s potentially more work available in the future for other documentation we may require. (You will be compensated in $USDC)

If this is something you’d be interested in doing please contact us and we can cover more details.



My experience writing documentation of this nature is limited, but I’ve previously made .eth website building tutorial videos, held workshops on Twitter spaces where I’ve taught non-technical people to fork GitHub repositories/edit html css js/deploy to IPFS/set content records, and I’ve personally built over 100 .eth websites deployed on IPFS at this point.

Also I have sourced a list of tools/platforms for .eth website building.

If no one replies, let me know. Happy to help.

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