We have created an app for DNS resolution of .eth and TLS with DANE

Hi, I wanted to let everyone know that we have created a menubar app that resolves DNS using EIP-1185.

It is open source: https://github.com/imperviousinc/fingertip

It is also easy to install pre-built binaries: Impervious | Fingertip

Once you install Fingertip you can test it out by going here: http://humbly.eth

One awesome thing is you can view secure and trustless https with DANE. No 3rd-party trust in a Certificate Authority!

We did all this for our fork of ENS, which you can see here: https://foreverdomains.io/.

Hey, thank you for letting us know and that looks cool.
Just to let you know that I moved the category to Proposals -> EIPS, as News & Announcement"section was meant for announcements from the ENS team rather than the community members.

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