We need a project incentive plan

The ENS in my imagination should not be just a domain name, but an Internet business card and an account. For example, we log on to a website, or a game. You can log in directly with ENS. To realize these functions, more supporting facilities are needed. Although ENS has had a certain impact, it is still not enough, and more supporting facilities are needed.
It is not easy to achieve this, so we should have our own project incentive plan to support more potential projects, thereby expanding our influence!


Hi @feizi

ENS is partnered with Spruce who is developing “Sign-in with Ethereum” which, if I understand you correctly, does what you’re proposing. You can check out at demo of it at https://login.xyz

And read more about it here

What I mean is that, like various public chains, part of the funds will be used to support some surrounding ecological projects. @Cthulu.eth

What kind of incentive do you have in mind? In terms of payment for contribution to ENS ecosystem, cnce [EP4] [Social] Proposal: Creation of Foundational Working Groups and Working Group Rules starts, it should include various funding and payment to ongoing contributors. I don’t think we have any sort of liquidity incentive or similar non-work related initiatives as we are not defi project and liquidity of ENS tokens nor ENS names are not related to the usability of our core products as a name service.


The assembly of Foundational Working Groups, which cover community endeavour is great.

Indirectly, I’m thinking in regards to procurement from the DAO, there is a possibility of a probity concern with user error (transaction button to process keeps showing up if you double or triple tap and go to pay - these are the “commits” that show up on Etherscan.io)

I’m just saying, having a DAO interface that allows for those kinds of transactions - user error transactions - might become an issue that should be nipped at the bud?