We need more .eth support, more love~

Hello everyone, ENS family.

We want to be ENS DAO because we can see the future.

We are an anonymous organization DAO. We are involved in WEB3.0/MetaVerse/design and development. We currently have web3.0 engineers, artists and game design companies. These are not important. More importantly, we want to participate in ENS DAO.

Now I am here to introduce ourselves to you. If you are interested in us, I hope to get your support on November 8th!

We are a group of anonymous organizations from China. Strictly speaking, we were established in 2009. The predecessor of our community is “Flying China”. The membership registration volume is 100K+. This anonymous community has produced many encrypted members who have been active on the stage and behind the scenes. Later, due to relevant laws ruling that cannabis is illegal in my country and being repeatedly exposed by the media, it was announced to be shut down.

In this long-distance race for more than ten years, we first came into contact with the Silk Road and cryptocurrency through cannabis, and then entered the blockchain world.

After the community has been shut down for so many years, the members have turned more attention to their own work and life. Basically every member of the encryption has achieved a satisfactory report card in the real society. We are now There are well-known artists, entrepreneurs, and community members who silently contribute to their work. At the same time, we have also been committed to the promotion of charity, because we believe that the world has love, so we have always taken love and peace as the starting point! We now not only have free medical marijuana CBD rescue projects, we also cooperate with more public welfare protection organizations through DAO, and silently contribute to the legalization of marijuana! We have been implementing a “free CBD assistance” program in the form of an anonymous community based on the profits obtained from the cryptocurrency and legal CBD projects. We target Alzheimer patients, epilepsy patients, anxiety patients and patients in China. Parkinson’s patients provide irregular CDB products, so that more patients can get a more natural way of calming, and more to reduce human suffering. Therefore, we have also been attracting more consensus encryption members to pass on love together.

We are currently co-creating a blind box game. This will be the first project in our meta-universe game (Gamefi). Simply put, players who buy blind boxes through the blockchain can randomly draw a seed (at the same time we line The legal farm will also prepare a seed of the same type for the player to breed), the seed will go through three stages: seedling stage-growth stage-flowering stage. After flowering, the NFT full of buds will be more fun Casting!

When the player successfully purchases the blind box, 80% of the offline profit generated by your flowers will be donated to the disease protection and endangered animals and plants and marine animals and plants we mentioned earlier through the DAO, and 10% will be used to repay the hard work of the farm Gardener, 10% is used by the project team to buy back player NFT to promote better development of the project. At the same time, if the player is in a country where marijuana is legalized. We will also hold offline social activities from time to time. For more unexpected ideas, please pay more attention to us!

At present, we have co-branded the most interesting cannabis industry company with this blind box. We can’t disclose who it is for the time being. At the same time, we also have a lot of fun offline activities. The future farm blind box is only a small part of our meta-universe world. There are more ideas in our minds that are being developed and waiting to be developed, so after we learned about the recruitment of ENS DAO, almost all members holding .ETH domain names are calling for us to participate in ENS DAO, because most members have experienced it. From the millennium to the present WEB3.0, we understand what the future of ENS is, so we very much hope to participate in the creation of more projects with ENS DAO.

We originally wanted to post some photos to the forum to show everyone that everything we said is true, but after discussion, we still feel that we are always active in the online world in the name of the encrypted community, because the truth is always true, and Haters is It will always exist and cannot be beaten. Every member of us is also progressing and growing, whether it is the talented boy who is now invited by Carnegie Mellon, or the singer, dancer or dancer who is sweating on the stage. Artists who have been creating silently behind the scenes. We opened our world only because of a cigarette. With what we are today, we never think that we are a group of addicts, but our tattooed members are always in reality. The society gives back more love, and more so-called well-dressed elites are indifferent to society, turning a blind eye to those who need help, making each other more silent, and finally becoming idiots. In the end, we don’t want to become a group of people who only create value and forget how to be happy and loving, so this time we chose to use the blockchain to spread love. Maybe we can make her a way in the future because of decentralization. No one in the world can fake it, but it becomes more real. Let more foreign friends take a look at this long and mysterious Eastern country. There are also a group of fun crypto members, not only Bruce Lee is called Chinese Kung Fu. We are also doing blockchain transactions, making all kinds of fun NFTs, and ambush some. Strange coins, it is a very happy thing to gather with a group of interesting people!


This is an encrypted member of our emigration, Robin (420CLUB #013), a producer and DJ, has been in the music industry for more than 20 years, and has been working underground in China for the promotion of really good and interesting music. After moving to Cambodia, he began to develop the public welfare undertakings with the original intention of arousing people’s true love. After a long period of interesting and dangerous development, he has served as the initiator and educator for the poorest and most innocent war victims, helping them build shelters from the wind and rain, so that these victims no longer suffer. The wind and the sun, teach them language, let them break the yoke of language and culture, and tell them that one day they can also tell others’ emotions and desires through messages. Maybe one day human beings will achieve world peace through the communication of messages?

These are some refugees who #13 helped.

Take the children to the doctor

Give everyone some food~~

relax and listen to #013 music


Let us go back to ten years ago and listen to an album (DUB/BASS) that one of our crypto members produce with “High Tone” . Now we will create more and more futures together in the blockchain world, More interesting things.

If you like us and find us interesting, I hope you will vote for 0420.eth :yum:

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