Web3 domain name registrations - 30 days of statistics

Happy Weekend everyone, today I want to show you guys the statistics of Web3 domain name registrations in the last 30 days

Can’t find exact number of .sol but guess is around 20k domains have been registered in last 30 days

You can see that .eth is still king in both the number of registered domains as well as volume. But The number of domain name registrations is decreasing due to competition from other domain names .sol, .sei, .inj and .manta , .bnb kinda sucks but I guess Binance exchange will integrate it soon and have some event to help attract domain registrations.

The reason for this rise is largely due to Users’ Fomo. especially .sei, .manta and .inj, I doubt the real number of users because most users are airdrop hunters, they register domains just because they want to receive airdrops and have no intention of using them long term. However, this is still an issue that ENS needs to pay attention to. They all have one thing in common: they have a very strong community, I know ENS also has a very strong community but most of you are living in the US & EU - English is the main language.

I want to share with you another statistic

There are 8 billion people in the world, and up to 5 billion people are living in the circle in the picture. 1.5 billion people live in Africa and the remaining 1.5 billion in the Americas and Europe. That means these 5 billion people’s primary language is not English. One thing our competitor domain name projects have in common is that they have their own ambassadors and supporters for their communities. People who speak the same language and tweet about it on X. They also organize giveaway events, AMAs, and tasks on Galxe very regularly.

So what do you think about these analysis? feel free to leave a comment below, I really want to hear your opinion. Thank you and have a nice weekend ! :heart: :heart: :heart:


really fantastic work, comparative analysis is very important and something to keep an eye for

makes me want to build some sort of table which will be automatically updated, i’d rather not draw attention to our competition though :slight_smile:

to be more accurate for ENS “real user” number I would take primary names set from here https://dune.com/ethereumnameservice/ens

because setting primary name requires gas, hence its a cost, hence its a conscious decision user makes

so I would put true number of active users of .eth names somewhere around 711k

it seems that at this point ENS growth is even constrained by the broad growth of ethereum ecosystem, if you look here - https://etherscan.io/chart/active-address

then this puts total number of active users of ethereum within a single timeframe of 6months for example at c. 1-2m users. So .eth names are capturing really good fat share of active “conscious” sort of to say users, who know what they are doing, what ethereum is about etc.

but I think you are absolutely right about total numbers, about language and so on, that we need to be keeping a close eyes on what competition is doing, it is very easy to loose leadership, at some point facebook took over myspace just like that, although that shouldn’t have been possible

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Thank you for the useful information, what you say makes perfect sense. The actual number of users is around 700k. The reason ETH is still king is because the majority of the NFT market is concentrated on the ETH Chain. btw want to show u this, this is NFT on Sei:

The NFT market has increased in price 1500% since the bottom, NFTs worth only 1-2$ are now worth hundreds or even thousands. Token Sei’s price has also increased 700% from the bottom. Market Maker is trying to attract users to their platform as well as doing a great job of managing a multinational community.

Another interesting thing is that most of Sei’s members come from Asia - China, their logo is red in contrast to ENS / Coinbase’s logo which is blue. It reminds me of the confrontation between communist and capitalist ideologies.

Although I live in Asia, I am 100% democratic, quite close to America and most of my friends are living in America. That’s why I’m here providing this information to help ENS. Hope they soon realize and focus on market and community development.

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