Web3 native Discord - New Product Idea


We are a team of devs looking to solve problems in the Web3 space. As we hang around in Discord servers of various communities ( NFT projects, Web3 Games, Product communities etc ) - we feel Discord is broken for Web3 communities’ use case. Every other day, a discord server gets hacked and people lose money or data. Wallets and smart contracts are not first-class citizens of the Discord which makes it broken and limiting in terms of what potential communities could achieve.

It is tragic that most servers recommend keeping DMs switched off on a social platform like Discord.

We have started working on a product that we intend to make 10X better than Discord for Web3 communities.

  • Native NFT based token gating ( no need for centralized plugins )
  • Zk-proof based public profile ( you can add multiple wallets to your profile and get access to communties without actually revealing your wallet and its contents to others.
  • Reputation and roles on the chain
  • SAFE DMs ( based on reputation )
  • Chat on IPFS ( Optional )
  • Enable smart-contract based plug-ins ( NFT trade, Minting, Whitelisting, Airdrops , Raffles etc ) can all happen within the product.
  • Native crypto payments or token transfers
  • Native integration with ENS
  • Desktop apps

We are in the early stages and aiming to build this with the community and in a decentralised fashion.
Does the product make sense? Does it have a chance to succeed given Discord is the defacto community tool today?
Do any of you run communities and would like to be part of our council and use the product when its ready?
What would be your concerns?
Would you request any features?
Would love any kind of feedback and thoughts/ideas.


What are your thoughts on the existing web3 native discords?

  1. nftychat.xyz
  2. metalink.com
  3. https://spkz.io/

I’m the co-founder of #1.


Thanks @slobo.eth for the links.

I would say Nftychat is a good start toward building a safe place for web3 folks to communicate, but there is a long way to go towards unlocking the true potential of web3 here. Would love to speak to you to learn about your journey and perhaps collaborate in someway or the other. Kudos to you for what you have built so far.

Spkz is too bare-bones for communities to call it home. Its fine for one-off chats.

Metalink has a different direction - where they want to show your NFT portfolio , alerts, and announcements from Discord. They seem to be wanting to exist as a complimentary mobile app to get a summary of the NFT world.

happy to chat, sent you a DM on the forum with a calendly


hey bhoga!

Welcome! Adding to Slobo’s list, I would say to also check: https://www.commonground.cg/

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Thank you. Have scheduled to speak.

this sounds cool. wen?