Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, January 12, 2022 @ 5PM GMT

Meeting Link : meet.google.com/ecv-oizn-psi

Agenda will be posted in ecosystem forum under general discussion


I would like to discuss my dapp and pursue an ENS grant to build out messaging functionality using ens as the connector for the communication layer.

My dapp is called SwapUp, @swapup_trade. It is being built to be a peer-to-peer digital asset trading platform for users to have a safe an effective way of trading digital assets with their web3 friends and colleagues.

MVP is set to lunch on mainnet in mid February allowing users to trade NFT for NFT.

I would like to seek a $20,000 grant to build out the communication layer in the dapp, using ENS domains as the main login/username/blockchain connector for functionality and communication.

Ideally, the build for this will be slated for the end of phase 1 (March 2023).

I look forward to discussing this in this meeting.