Weekly Public Goods Meeting, August 30, 2022 @ 6PM GMT

Meeting Link: https://meet.google.com/eus-xubt-uxj

Term #2 Elected Stewards : @theanthonyware, @AvsA , and @ceresstation

A) Updates on Gitcoin GR15

B) Updates on Public Goods outreach
C) Public Goods project highlights
D) Open space for additional public goods topics

Feel free to suggest topics by replying to this thread.

Notes by @Coltron.eth

Attendees: Alexandero Netto, alisha.eth, anthonyware.eth, avsa.eth, Boston McClary, coltron.eth estmcmxci.eth, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, llia, ricmoo.eth

A) Updates on Gitcoin GR15

  • An overview of the upcoming Grant Rounds was provided. During GR14, there were 55 grants. The goal for GR15 is to see 69 active grants in this upcoming ecosystem side round.
  • Submissions should be in by September 3rd to be approved by the start of the round on September 7th.
  • The working group stewards are holding a GR15 Grantee Workshop Wednesday, August 31st, @ 6 pm GMT.
  • If you are submitting for the ecosystem side round, please DM @alisha.eth so she can ensure you are approved.
  • enspunks.eth and 3402.eth have been holding spaces to bring awareness the grants round. A recording of the most recent space can be found here.

Helpful GR15 Links

B) Updates on Public Goods outreach

  • estmcmxci.eth generated a list of approximately 20 projects highlighting women-led initiatives building on ENS. There will be upcoming Twitter spaces to showcase these projects. More details will be provided when dates for the spaces have been selected.

C) Public Goods project highlights

ENS Latam Outreach initiatives by estmcmxci.eth

  • He was suggested to explore content generation and present the DAO with work leading these initiatives.

D) Open space for additional public goods topics

GR 15 Advice

  • gregskrill and ricmoo.eth presented tips for submitting grants and preparing for the GR15 ENS Ecosystem grants round.
    • Have a good description of your grant that is well-detailed.
    • Including a high-quality and correctly formatted thumbnail cover for your grant is extremely important to stand out on the grants page.
    • Suggest self-promoting and tweeting helps. Not only for your project, bu also amplifying other projects.
    • For new grantees, it may be startling to see your matching amount fluctuate in the early days of the round. Due to the nature of quadratic funding, the price becomes stable as time goes on. Both gregskril.eth and ricmoo.eth advised not to worry too much if there are price swings during the first few days of the round.
  • This advice will be incorporated into a resource doc for GR15 and also covered in the workshop on Wednesday 08/31.

DAO Introductions

  • Illia, Boston McClary, and Alexandro took time to introduce themselves on the call and gave a brief introduction of their projects. Illia is new to the DAO and will submit a project to the GR15 round. Boston is a contributor at the forefront, looking to help out wherever he can, and Alexandro has an active bulk registry project that was a winner of the last small grants round.


I have identified @enslatino as having established a credible platform for ENS discourse in Spanish. They have successfully branded themselves as a leading voice for Comunidad Para Hispanohablantes.

What is Comunidad Para Hispanohablantes?

Comunidad Para Hispanohablantes is dedicated to highlighting Web3 projects that focus on accessibility, transparency and inclusivity. More fleshed out translation initiatives help to break down barriers and creates on ramps for underserved communities to participate in Web3.

I believe that ENS Latino, in a short period, have demonstrated this as evinced by the ongoing success of their GR15 grant which is on track to raise over $10k in support. They have also successfully and independently built their relationship with the Gitcoin team, having their grant tweeted by the Gitcoin main account and had hosted two Twitter spaces with a Gitcoin PG operationalist.

I am an advocate of this initiative and intend to divulge their vision for the greater ENS Ecosystem in time. For now, I encourage stewards @theanthonyware @AvsA and @ceresstation to pay attention to this emergent community and begin to consider ways that ENS DAO can source talented developers from the ENS Latino Community.