Weird HTTPS behaviour

Hey ENS team,
I’ve published contents to 3 different subdomains that didn’t work at all via TLDs until around 30 minutes after the Ethereum transactions went through. I can now (30 mins later) access all 3 domains without HTTPS. It’s crucial that all of these 3 work with HTTPS. I’d like to note that the main domain worked instantly with HTTPs.

The Ethereum Transactions:

Unfortunately, due to the way SSL wildcard certificates work, we can only support SSL on 3LDs ( We don’t have valid SSL certificates for subdomains.

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Any tutorial how I can purchase and link my own SSL certificate? Or is there no way at all to solve this SSL issue for the subdomains?

There’s no way to store the private key so that only the servers can access it - so unfortunately there’s no solution for SSL on subdomains at the moment.

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