What does this mean for ENS?

Am I being paranoid? What is this

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I have always wondered if the wallet:




:smiley:I don’t get it ?

There is an “undoxxed” wallet that holds a huge amount of ENS Governance tokens ($ENS)


I’m assuming you understand the fundamentals of DAO governance and what these tokens are used for, along with the possibility of one entity (or group) holding 51% of the token supply.

Either way, that wallet ^^ has yet to take part in any governance or votes…which at least to me highlights another floor in the overall $ENS tokenomics

If Coinbase and this wallet were to be in Kahoots, then they would already be very close to having a majority vote

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Oh, I’ve been waiting for a new whodunit to hit the box office. And what a better story line, Then it being theENS DOA , I’m thinking for when they come out with their straight to TV movie, Ricky Gervais can pla @nick.eth

What is it that you’re confused about ? The description that you screenshot seems to be pretty self-explanatory.

Im not sure i was as unsure anything was just asking if it would affect anything, i remember sometime back being told that unstoppable domains was ENS biggest competition . i’ve used both and have to say the staff at unstoppable domains are absolutely amazing and friendly and eager to help people learn. Unfortunately, 30+ domains and the Dao still seems to feel as if they are too good for some of us. forgive me for not being clear in my post. ill shut up and listen now :saluting_face:
dont get it twisted alot of people here are very helpful.

Any person(s) or entity can build an application or in this case, an ENS Registrar. From what it sounds like, UD wants to users to register ENS names through them and then assign that ENS name to a custodial address. So that means you would never actually control your ENS address. This is a really stupid move because it defeats the purpose of decentralized identity. They want to control your web3 identity.

custodial ENS names, a brilliant idea -no thanks.

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That was exactly what I was looking for thank you!! Have a blessed day!