What happens when an ens domain expires, and are burned addresses used as intermediary holding accounts?

When an ens domain expires, is it sent to a burn address such as “0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000”. And if so, what happens if someone wants to purchase the expired domain address? Is it sent from the burn address to the new purchaser, or perhaps is it re-minted so there are now 2, one in the burn address (never to be moved) and one with the new purchaser (which can be sold, transferred, or expired and resent to a burn address?)

Here is a good example of that. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3e813b2ec4069b51a8f40489c282ffedfbebc695beed20e03b00e77b587b4e38

Any validation would be appreciated. If i missed it in the documentation, my apologies and please feel free to let me know where that information was!

When a name expires and gets re-registered, the token is burned, re-minted, and transferred to the new owner. So that’s what you’re seeing there.

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Hey thanks for the reply!

Just to confirm my understanding some of the language:

  • token is burned; meaning it is sent to the burned address.
  • re-minted; in this case it’s sent to the [ENS: Old ETH Registrar Controller], which becomes the address/contract in possession of the domain
  • transferred; from [ENS: Old ETH Registrar Controller] to new owner.