What is an unruggable renewal?

Hey guys,

I was going through the Deep Dive Into the ENS Wrapper article and came across this:

“Then, to enable “unruggable renewals”, you could call approve on that same contract (or a separate one specific to renewals if you wish) and burn CANNOT_APPROVE to lock in subname renewals for that contract.”

What exactly is an unruggable renewal, and what is meant by ‘lock un subname renewals for that contract’?



If you want to offer paid renewals of a subdomain, then you would do this through a renewal contract containing the pricing logic.

The CANNOT_APPROVE fuse means that the ENS owner can’t remove/change the contract responsible for renewal logic in the future. So the subdomain owners can be assured that they won’t lose the subdomain because extending expiry is blocked or made more expensive etc.


same can be done in a single contract along with a register function too though

Yes, you could include the register logic in the same contract also. But you would need set that contract as the approval contract and burn the fuse for the same reasons I already mentioned.