What's difference for posting on 'https://ens.canny.io'?

saw, ircc, an ens dao member tweeted it, why shouldn’t it be only here, or that site has progression update?

Canny is a better method (imo) to track suggestions that can progress to a Roadmap (which is a feature that can be activated in the future, once the community has got the hang of making suggestions). A benefit of Canny is also that when used as intended, you are able to tag posts with updates on the different stages that the suggestion is in.


I feel like it sets a bad example when the login method for Canny is to either connect your facebook account, google account, or to use your email address.

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So we shouldn’t use any products that don’t have SIWE?

I don’t necessarily believe that we shouldn’t use products that don’t use SIWE. On the other hand ENS DAO should be posting bounties to build out these resources rather than use services that aren’t integrated with the very product we are all building. It only makes sense to fund building new systems if pre-existing platforms are not moving forwards with the vision that we want for decentralized identity. ENS DAO funding projects that can be made useful by other parts of the cryptocurrency / cryptographic and decentralized focused communites; especially when built on top of ENS protocol, itwill not only support further adoption by proxy, but has the potential to generate income for the longevity of ENS DAO funding initiatives. In hindsight, bounties for these sort of solutions simply lays the foundation for job opportunity for individuals, perpetually. If the cryptocurrency ecosystem isn’t creating jobs for people, it will ultimately fail or remain stagnant.