What's the process for querying ENS domains from my database via TheGraph?


I’m in the process of developing a dapp that enables users to register subdomains for specific domains that I own. To streamline this, I plan to set up all the domains with a single registrar. I’m looking for guidance on how to efficiently query the necessary information, especially domain names associated with the registrar, so that I can avoid manual data entry and easily add new names.

I suspect that TheGraph might be the solution, but I’ve had some difficulty finding relevant information. I’d greatly appreciate any assistance in getting started and, if possible, pointers to sample repositories.

Thank you!

Hey, it sounds like ensjs is the right tool for what you’re trying to do. It’s a typescript library that includes a bunch of nice wrapper functions to easily query data from the ENS subgraph. The @next flag on npm has the latest beta build which should be stable at this point.

Some links: