Where are these domain names

I registered this domain name, ftchinese.eth,but now I can’t find it, where is this domain name, does anyone know?

Transaction Hash:0xfc108d7b9ecd33111f8ac571e96c71743c200e4e7ef1db1e644445da91705706

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I signed it up. Why does it belong to someone else

The last Transfer action in the ‘Transaction Action’ of your screenshot shows that the ENS name was transferred after mint to an address starting with 0x48030C758D in the same transaction, which is viterbi.eth once you look it up on etherscan.io. It seems like you interacted with a shady contract and registered the name on a custom app (not the official ENS app)

Did your the ens name was transferred to 0x480… right away? Or maybe the private key to my account was stolen?

No. My name didn’t get transferred to anywhere. I doubt that your private keys are stolen since the transfer occurred in the same transaction as minting; this points to a phishing attack. You probably used a fake webapp to register the name

I checked it out. It is smart contract vulnerabilities.

There’s no smart contract vulnerability nor did you use a phishing site.

It looks like you did have the name a while ago, but it expired and someone else registered it.