Which conferences are you planning to attend? Public poll to help plan ENS meetups

I’d love to meet as many ENS delegates as I can this year, and it would be even cooler if we had an ENS specific event at some of these upcoming conferences. But truth is, everyone has their schedule, international travel is still a hassle in some cases (although test requirements are dropping), taking a week off is usually a big sacrifice (on both family, health and work) and I understand if most people would prefer to attend a minimal amount of conferences.

With that in mind, I’d like to make a poll where we all show some preferences on which conferences to attend, so everyone else can make plans. The poll answer is of course, no promise of commitment, in fact I am myself probably going to change my plans based on the poll results.

  • Devconnect (Amsterdam, April 18-25)
  • Consensus (Austin, June 9-12)
  • NFT.NYC (New York, June 20-23)
  • EthCC (Paris, July 19-21)
  • DappCon (Berlin, September 12-14)
  • Devcon (Bogota, October 11-14)
  • Liscon (Lisbon, October 20-21)
  • Other (add on comments)

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Mcon at Denver and eth mexico