Why $ENS is considered as "budget" for Steward Group? if ENS is only for the purpose of governance

I was reading “The first 50 days of the Q1/Q2 2022 term”

alisha.eth mentioned “I imagine the budget for each working group will be requested in a mix of $ENS, ETH, and USDC.”

Does this mean, we are going to sell ENS on the market?

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I think that if people are working on ENS-adjacent stuff, it makes sense to reward them for their efforts with voting power in the DAO, so they have a stake in the community and platform they’re helping to build. I hope working groups will use tokens in this fashion, rather than selling them or using them exclusively as financial compensation.


The DAO controls 50% of the supply of $ENS tokens. I suspect the DAO will sell or swap $ENS for treasury diversification purposes and could also use $ENS tokens to reward contributors of the DAO. This will, no doubt, be done in a very thoughtful and measured way so as to not impact the price of the token.

Contributors may be rewarded with $ENS tokens, as the DAO sees fit, to provide participants greater voting rights. In that sense, it is not a form of payment but rather a reward for participation in the form of greater voting power within the DAO. If participants choose to sell the tokens, that is entirely up to them.


thanks for replying, I think it makes sense to reward ENS


IMO, if awarded ENS while in the capacity of serving a term as a steward—awarded tokens are strictly prohibited from sale. Depending on the amount awarded, maybe those tokens should just be passed to the new steward.

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“those tokens should just be passed to the new steward.” should a good idea

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maybe easier to just have a wallet holding ENS that delegates to stewards and change delegates as their terms expire