Wrapped Names in Grace Period do not return Metadata

Hi zim from ENS.Vision here,

noticed that the metadata service doenst return metadata if a wrapped name is in grace period.

Checking the code @ GitHub - ensdomains/ens-metadata-service

async function checkV2Contract(
  contract: ethers.Contract,
  identifier: string
): Promise<CheckContractResult> {
  if (contract.address !== ADDRESS_NAME_WRAPPER) {
    try {
      const isInterfaceSupported = await contract.supportsInterface(
    } catch (error) {
      throw new ContractMismatchError(
        `${contract.address} does not match with any ENS related contract`,

  const namehash = getNamehash(identifier);
  const isWrapped = await contract.isWrapped(namehash);

  return { tokenId: namehash, version: Version.v2 };

the await contract.isWrapped check fails because the name is in grace period. which leads to NO metadata being returned.

fronks.eth (wrapped and in grace)


I didnt dig too much just checked it out real quick. not sure what the implications would be if the contract.isWrapped check would just be removed. based on my testing it would return the metadata for wrapped grace items - and it would also fail (as it should) if a expired wrapped name was queried for.

Would be nice if that would be discussed - or maybe given clarification that this is how it should work because then Ill have to look for a workaround.

thank you

Wanted to add that if you query for 0x57/labelhash you get the metadata but without NW data ofc

cc: @mdt

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hey @Zimtente thank you for the report! Yes, I can confirm that isWrapped does return false when the wrapped name goes into the grace period. I will take a look what would be the best solution for this, whether there is any implications of removing isWrapped check.

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