X (twitter) payment impact on ENS?

i know this is quite a bullish case (for ens not $ens) but i just can’t really articulate the reasons, how really the role of ens if x ecosystem gets significant and bigger over a period of time (which would mean more economic activity via x payment system), would it be viable only if x decide to integrate ens? you know what i try to ask here

how’s your take on this :nerd_face:


It’s been a feature for some time now, but I believe that you need to be on “X Blue” in order to receive tips etc

In my opinion, ENS🤝X for monetisation is not far around the corner. It’s inevitable.

But that’s not to say full “Sign in with Eth” will become a reality at the same.

When you say x🤝ens are you referring to the domains .x or x as in twitter? I’ve been wondering if that .x domain will merge with Twitter or if .eth .x and would possibly merge? I can’t see Elon, letting the .x domain exist without owning it? However, I have no clue what goes into a domain as far as if you could make it .x capable of what .ETH does and vise versa be blessed

He won’t adopt .x if it’s by unstoppable.

I believe he is passionate about web3 and decentralising the future internet.

He’s probably cooking up something that hasn’t even been thought of yet by our limited brain capacity

But no doubt it will be a good product once all the things align

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