You are not eligible for the airdrop although I have ENS bought a year ago


I get the error “You are not eligible for the airdrop” although I have three ENS bough and active for more than a year.

Note they were bought on MEW and I had to transfer them to MetaMask to be able to claims my ENS. Could that be the cause of the problem ?

Do you still have access to the wallet that minted it?


You should have been able to import the private key into metamask instead of sending it to a new wallet.

Yes I still have access to the MEW private key and was able to import it in MetaMask and start the ENS claim process, thank you so much!

I’m now stuck at the signing step, it runs then fails. I tried several times but no luck.

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Could I have the address of this website that allows us to check how may ENS we are entitled to?

This is the site I used. It is not run by ENS or me. Only post your wallet address in, not private keys, not seed phrase.


I’m having the same issue that i’m not eligible to recieve for the airdrop.