You are not eligible for the airdrop

When access to and click “Get Started” , showed as “You are not eligible for the airdrop”?? :cold_sweat:


Snapshot made at 1/Nov??

My problem same here

Same issue. Is it because I never set this reverse record entry in ENS? I didn’t know what it did and it gas fees were amounting to $40 so I never bothered to set it :frowning:


have it ready at reverse record :cold_sweat:

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It looks like you owned heylucas.eth over 60 days ago, so you should be eligible for the claim.

388.88908648417265 ENS. Are you sure you have the correct wallet connected when you try?

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No, just on or before Oct 31st.

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Thank so much.
I registered @6/Nov :sob: :sob:

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You got something worth much more than governance tokens. You have an online identity that no one can take from you.


:eyes: thanks, you’re right… i almost missed it. you’re the bomb! noice noid :slight_smile:

so if you bought today you can’t have airdrop?

Exactly , MUST before Oct 31st.