You get an NFT Avatar, you get an NFT Avatar, EVERYBODY GETS AN NFT AVATAR!

During Devcon we had great giveaways and it occurred to me two important things: (1) NFT avatars were super fun (non NFT ones are also) and (2) most people didn’t have one!

So I decided to come up with a solution. I’ve developed a custom contract that checks your account for an ENS name and if you have one, it will generate a custom NFT for each ENS you hold. It will always generate the same NFT for your owned ENS, meaning that if you transfer the ENS, then the new NFT will also transfer. They are, as the kids say these days, “soul bound”. Which also means you can’t actually transfer out or sell these NFTs themselves.

I’ve deployed 10 different collections using openly available random avatar generators. You can see all of them on this frontend, built by the awesome naimbijapure.eth.

If you are an NFT artist, or aspire to be one, we also want to encourage you to fork the contract code itself and deploy your own custom ENS Avatar profiles and then we will include it on the frontend. Hopefully, these choices will also be integrated in all ENS app frontends, so that picking an avatar becomes part of the flow of acquiring a new domain!


I like the cats!