Zero Width Characters for Domains


I think it is very important that ENS DAO re-evaluate what characters it allows for registration and use in the ENS ecosystem. As it stands currently zero width characters can be used to effectively recreate any name. While it does appear with an exclamation point and a yellow triangle on Opensea, in the near future when we see wider adoption and different apps utilising ENS, It will be essentially impossible to tell which address is the legitimate address. Zero width character domains create a huge security risk and open the door for MASSIVE scamming for future users. This is an issue that if we tackle quickly and efficiently now we can save people massive heartaches in the future. I cant see any valid reason to allow Zero width characters to be registered. I would love to hear some valid reasoning behind this @nick.eth

If they cannot be unimplemented then I would say that they need to have the exclamation point ! added at the end of their address.

like so: iliad.eth!
or if that is not possible maybe create a special subdomain that aggregates all zero width characters : iliad.!!!.eth

As we as a community are growing exponentially right now I think it’s important that we tackle this issue before it becomes something that potentially discredits the ENS ecosystem from mass adoption use.

Or possibly only aggregate the names that use zero width characters WITH english characters and with emojis or numbers. I realised after posting this initially that they are implemented for other languages which is important and I now see why they were implemented. I do feel that there could and potentially should be some added safe guards for people for when they are used in combination with english, emojis or numbers as I have said before. One thing that could potentially be done is to automatically set their avatar as the ! mark with the yellow triangle around it. So that as ENS gets implemented to more services there is a solid way to verify what address is legit. I think it is important because we do not exactly know how ens will be implemented.


There is a long thread covering these issues. I am in the process of finishing up an ENSIP that attempts to standardize this process. The associated reference implementation solves the ZWJ issue.


So glad to hear hat Raffy thank you for your response!


So, is there a rough time wen the ENSIP would issue at?

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