$9000 gas fee on registering a domain

Hi All,

I just tried to register a new domain, I got past the first step and then when I was going to the second step, I got a request in my Metamask for a gas fee of $9,000 or so!!! Obviously, I thought this is a mistake and I rejected the request. Now I dont see my request anywhere, some $40 is gone from my wallet and it appears I have to start from scratch to register my domain name.

Is there any way to recover the process I started by already paying the initial fee, without having to pay the initial fee again?

You can see the attached screenshot with the gas fee request.

Any help/advice from the experts is much appreciated!

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which step in the process were you on? The process is 3 steps:

  1. Request registration. TX fee (I assume this is where you $40 in gas went?)
  2. Wait 1 min. Did you wait?
  3. Final tx to buy the domain. I imagine this is where your tx showed outrageous gas fees.

If it was the final step with the gas fees, then either you didnt wait long enough - i have seen those crazy fees when the tx being attempted is actually an invalid tx - or for whatever reason the gas oracle was glitched at the time.

Either way, if you did step 1. that tx fee is gone. sorry, this is how eth works. I’m not positive on what happens if you wait too long for step 3 because i’ve never attempted that, but I imagine you may have to redo the process from step 1.

The UI at https://app.ens.domains/ gives a pretty good break down of the process and the fees which are estimated to be incurred. if you need further help, you can reach out to me on discord, in the ENS Discord server http://discord.gg/ens (Please dont DM me, because you should never DM anyone for help unless you absolutely trust them. This support can be done publicly)



Yah, I did the request and yah I guess thats what happened to the 40.

Yah, I waited for little over a minute on Step 2 and the clicked on the final tx in step 3 then only I got the crazy gas request. I saw the estimate was around $280 or so, but the actual request showed the 9000 figure.

So, because I clicked Reject, the initial 40 is gone and cannot recover right?

What should I do if I get the same crazy gas figure next time as well to avoid losing the 40 and make it work?

Thank you!

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I’m not really sure, because I dont know exactly what caused it. Just because you reject it doesnt mean you did anything on chain. You could easily have waited another minute, click the register button and see if gas fees normalized. Other than that, not sure I can help more. Maybe someone more familiar with the app (i got my ens names quite a while ago so its be a while since i’ve actually interacted with it)

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Ok, I shall try that again! 40 is my contribution to the miners!

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Actually… since EIP-1559 was implemented, a lot of the gas fee is burned and does not go to the miners any longer.

On the ENS Manager page, you have 7 days to complete registration…


Request to register

Your wallet will open and you will be asked to confirm the first of two transactions required for registration. If the second transaction is not processed within 7 days of the first, you will need to start again from step 1.

BTW… no one registered zeropointzero ?



How do I complete the registration? There is no trace in my account page about my attempt to register a domain. How can I find the place to complete the registration?

Thank you!

If funds left your Ethereum address, there’s a transaction record of it on the blockchain.

Put your Ethereum address in Etherscan and find the transaction that cost you $40 …


Once you find the transaction, it will show you what happened to your $40 in gas fee… if your not sure what you are looking at or for - you can post the transaction hash in this thread… if you feel comfortable sharing that information.


Thank you. Yah, I can find the transaction. After completing 1st transaction as I have 7 days to complete the second transaction & the registration, how can I continue this from where it failed and try the second transaction again and try to complete the registration?

Yah, you can find the details here:


Thank you!

p.s. it is not in my favourites either, I did make it favourite during the process …

My understanding of the process and the smart contract is that the first step inserts your Ethereum address as an authorized ENS domain controller. Since that transaction completed successfully, you should be able to register your domain without restarting the process. Upon connection with the same wallet address and same domain listed in the interface, the blockchain should be read… and the “Register” button should be available… there should be no “Request to Register” option with the same wallet and same domain.

Unless I’m mistaken… which is possible.

Hi again!

This is what I was hoping for as well. But when I enter the domain name and click search, i only get the request to register button … :frowning: Yah I am connected to the same wallet address and trying the same domain name as well …

Is there any other way I can get back into the registration process by manually doing something?

Thank you!

If you click on “Request to Register” and DON’T ACCEPT the transaction… but instead click on the “Data” tab in the transaction box… you should see a 32 byte string of hexadecimal numbers. My understanding is that this string should be the same as the one included in the original “Request to Register” transaction listed on Etherscan.

Once you record the 32 byte string, “Reject” the transaction.


I got the hex number, but I cannot find a matching string in the original request to register transaction in Etherscan. What can I do with this hex string? Is there some way I can “get back in” the smart contract to finish the job?

You can locate the string on the Etherscan interface by scrolling to the bottom of the main screen and clicking to expand the “Click to see more” arrow…

Press the “Decode” button in the Data section.

And compare the 32 byte string.

If it’s the same… I’m not sure why the ens manager interface is coming up with a “Request to Register”.

If it’s different… again, It’s unclear why it would be different.

I believe you can use the on-chain 32 byte commit data to write a new registration contract using Etherscan. However, I’m not sure I’m smart enough to assist you in that endeavor in an error free way.



It is actually two different strings … :frowning: I guess something has gone wrong somewhere …

It sure is interesting to see if its possible to do it using Etherscan! I have no idea where to start. I can see there is a commit field, I guess the original hex code goes in here. Should I use register or register with config? any idea what should go in duration and secret?

I’m sure you know hell of a lot more than me, so, lets give it a try! worst case we learn something and best case we make it work! :slight_smile:

and spend $300 in gas fees…

The “secret” seems to be retrievable from the web data…

I’m using Brave Browser, which a fork of Chromium. If I right click on the ens manager page and choose “Inspect”, I can find a “secret” value for my attempt at registering zeropointzero:

Application Tab → Storage → Local Storage → app.ens.domains → progress

gives me a “secret”

Perhaps you can locate the first “secret” if you haven’t closed your browser or cleared your cache. Perhaps this is the “secret” to put in that field in the smart contract.

If anyone smarter than me happens along, please step in and yell “STOP!” before OP spends a lot in gas.

Ah yah! I forgot the matter of $300! Still I guess worth a try …
I found the secret as well, i hadnt closed the browser, so it is still there … Very cool!!!
duration i guess is how many years, what I am not sure is what format it should be … is it 1 or something else?

yah! any comments anyone? :slight_smile:

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Since we’re attempting to write a smart contract by hand, it might be better to switch Metamask over to a test net and try it out without needing to spend any actual ETH…

I’m not sure which test net the ENS smart contract might have been loaded. I’ve used goerli test net before for a few experiments with simple contract writing. I think you can load the contract source code on the test net through copy and paste on Remix:


If you want to try and load the contract on the test net first and see how it goes…

Switch to goerli and get some test ETH from the faucet:


And then copy/paste the contract code over:



Apparently, the ENS contracts are already deployed on all testnets !

So, you might be able to try entering in your “secret” and commit information and see what happens without spending any actual monetarily important funds. You’ll still need to visit the testnet faucet to obtain testnet ETH to pay for the transaction.

Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to register 5 or 10 domains and to pay one gas fee or It is only possible to pay gas fee for every registration?