A user-experince case attempting to import their website name

Experience as an ‘end-user’ attempting to import my DNS Name

Whats all the rave about!? I want to import my DNS!

Let me just search ‘dnssec’ on twitter, I remember that ENS posted about it. Should be a quick tutorial. Let me check!

ok great I found the post!

user scrolls through the post and does not see any tutorial or how to

user reaches the bottom of the post where it says 'read more on ENSBlog.

user clicks

user reads through the blog

user clicks ‘CCIP READ EIP-3668’

user is sent to new page

User starts to read this and becomes overwhelmed because they are now seeing complicated code and contracts. They think to themselves “i don’t know how to code”

User becomes frustrated but gives it another shot. User goes back to the page they just came from. Clicks EP5.1 and then this takes them to tally. Which is the proposal. And doesn’t provide instructions.

Once again the user goes back. Thinks “surely I have missed instructions.” User rereads everything once again. User does not find clear instructions.

This time the user clicks ‘Try it’.

so now the user is brought to this screen.

Remember the previous instruction

They enter their name and returns their address.

Now they click Learn how to set up Gasless DNSSEC here

by this point user is frustrated because they thought they were doing this the whole time. no the process has to start over.

Once again a user is brought to another link

“here are instructions to claim your DNS Name onchain”

user clicks. user is angry and annoyed.

no direct examples of a text record of a DNS name containing the wallet address.

great now the user is being told to go back to the ENS manager and look up their name again.

user searched their name, “finally” they think to themselves.

user clicks their name then brought to the screen below.

how do you think the user is feeling about trying this again?

user wants to give up

clicks learn more

user is brought back to where they came from

do you think user is willing to try again?

how does this experience possible change their perception of ENS?

is there a better way improve how this information is presented?

how can these instructions be improved for users who are not technical professional coders, aren’t directly involved with ENS LABS or ENS DAO?

how can we motivate individuals who had this experience to try again?

why isn’t their explicit functionality directly in the manager app?

can we consolidate everything this user went through into a one stop shop process in the manager app? ( that’s ideal )

how can users do this for bulk domains?

hopefully this helps create a better process with clearer instructions on how to import DNS Names.

dm’s are always open.

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