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[Social] Proposal for Retroactive Funding: Personal Reflection on Contribution to the ENS DAO

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As an active member of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), I have dedicated significant time and effort to enhancing the security, governance, and operational frameworks of the ENS ecosystem. This proposal seeks retroactive funding to acknowledge and support my contributions, which have been instrumental in driving change and shaping the direction of the DAO.


Security Analysis and Vulnerability Research

  • Conducted web analysis on over 40+ cryptocurrency projects for common vulnerabilities, loose keys, and sensitive data.

  • Wrote scripts to collect historically documented URLs from hundreds of Web3 platforms for data analysis.

  • Investigated dozens of projects for code anomalies and irregularities for the security of ENS to preserve and maintain the attack surface of ENS entities.

  • Submitted multiple vulnerability reports to undisclosed projects on Immunefi, related to potential exploits.

  • Provided a comprehensive analysis regarding a fraudulent credence goods company offering professional services to the DAO.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Contributions

  • Engaged in ENS idea think tanking in over 50-60% of 1000+ conversations with ChatGPT. Resulting in hundreds of hours of research for effective governance procedures and framework ideas.

  • Analyzed the ENS Grants website for HTTP Post Requests potentially triangulating your location.

  • Contributed to ENS Service Providers Rules in an open Google Document.
    Service Provider Rules Drafiting Document

  • Built a standard for public goods retroactive funding evaluation.

  • Devised a method of scoring DAO participants based on their forum stats.

  • Kept track and analyzed the Protocol Guild Funds.

  • Communicated with a company called Dotcards about integrating ENS.
    DotCard - Temp Check

  • Accumulated over 20k views on topic posts and sparked discussions leading to steward compensation review and working group rules which ultimately transformed into proposals by other members.

  • Designed and submitted two projects to small grants.
    accessor.eth - DNS Look Up - ENS Small Grants
    Accessor.eth - Ethereum Data Accessor Gateway and PnP Dashboard - ENS Small Grants
    Accessor.eth - Motion Graphics Initiative - ENS Small Grants

  • Built service-flow diagrams representing how ENS works.

  • Constructed a custom GPT that accurately answers questions relating to all topics of ENS.
    ENS Code Navigator

  • Contracted by support working group to actively help supplement disscusion forum moderation.

AWS Integration and Development

  • Worked with Hidayath on developing an API system on AWS.

  • Began working on a solution to integrate ENS with AWS AMB, involving AMBs Accessor Tokens and JSON RPC request authentication via dApp connection.

  • Began communicating with AWS AMB Head of Product for Blockchain

Influence on DAO Governance and Funding

  • Voiced public dissatisfaction with the decision to discontinue support funding for myself, leading to discussions on potentially misappropriated funds and the reevaluation of budget assignments.

  • Prompted further exploration by @avsa on the allocation of funds within the budget, which influenced the proposal of service provider funding streams with excess earned income for the advancement of ENS.

  • Facilitated a motion for the return of $200,000 in funds that were unused by an undisclosed project that were intended to be used.

Proposals and Discussions

Additional Contributions

  • Started building a draft for ENS DAO by-laws/docs.
    By-Laws Draft (incomplete)

  • Engaged in various discussions and projects that highlight efforts in the crypto ecosystem.

  • Effectively engaged with various prominent leaders in Ethereum and established positive rapport for potential working relationships in the future.


I feel that my contributions and influence within the DAO are significant, even if they are not always visibly recognized by others. I believe that my involvement is silently driving change and shaping the direction of the DAO. My active participation in discussions and proposals concerning the governance and operation of the ENS ecosystem demonstrates a deep understanding of the organizational structure and the importance of maintaining a balance between independent operation and collaboration among entities like ENS Labs and the DAO. Contributing to one of the biggest votes and actions in DAO history, including the RFP for drafting bylaws, proposals for working group changes, and discussions on the working group budget proposals has shown to shape ENS DAO in many ways.


Request for Retroactive Funding / Compensation

In light of the above contributions, I respectfully request retroactive funding to support my continued efforts in the ENS DAO. This funding will enable me to further contribute to the security, governance, and operational excellence of the ENS ecosystem. I trust that the stewards will conclude that my efforts have been beneficial to ENS.

@avsa @5pence.eth @estmcmxci @Coltron.eth @slobo.eth @184.eth @vegayp @simona_pop @Limes

I understand where you’re coming from Accessor. In fact I’d say that most of us in the open source world started our path with some obsession for a topic, an unstoppable urge to read, discuss and invest our time learning about some new technology. That was how I got into ethereum in the first place: I was a founder and owner of my own company but then couldn’t help but spend all my free time working not on my own iPhone app but obsessing about everything ethereum related.

The bit you have it flipped is what happens next. Usually, we use all our newly acquired knowledge to trade in for social coins: you post a blog, get followers on social media, make actual friends, eventually get a job or a partner in some new venture. Then that accumulated knowledge gets used to something you can turn into a job.

But I feel you’re actually doing the opposite: using every scrap of new information or anything that sounds like out of the usual not to ask questions and make friends, but rather to make enemies. The money we paid for someone is still on the wallet years later? That must be some sort of hot evidence for misappropriation of funds! There’s a call to a weird URL in library in a link shared on the forum? Must be phishing, no other possibility! Everything is an accusation.

Not to say ENS doesn’t need these sort of scrutiny: of course eyes are important, but I have failed to see anything real come out, feels more like a tabloid than investigative journalism.

You’re just burning bridges, which makes other developers playing around less incentivized to post stuff in the forum and have mods debate on how to slow you down. Personally I believe these sort of incessant postings are a net negative on the forum. I never got paid for my many many posts on reddit r/ethereum and on the now defunct Instead I got reputation, cred and eventually a job that allowed me everything else. Instead, you’re burning your own reputation and making less friends and asking yourself why you’re not being valued.

Sure feel free to post the social proposal. I can post it for you if you don’t have enough ENS. Maybe even put to vote what amount the DAO values you at. But I would add an option for negative values, and if so, you should consider if this one sided, non-reciprocal relationship with the DAO is something worth pursuing.


funny how i ask, “is there something im doing wrong?”

no response
“no, not that i can tell”
“no response”
“no, why do you ask?”
“no response”

stay silent and use my ideas, i wont notice. There is no way, that I don’t bring value. My ideas have been far ahead of time. I’ve seen it time and time again, I have heard the topcs talked about over and over after I have brought them forth. No, it’s not about me as a person…it’s about the project. I rarely think about about people on the that level. It’s always been about whats I think is best for the project and the project first. If it comes off as an accusation, well … then idk, ENS isn’t immune to bad actors or those who intend duplicitous. I would tell you that those who have spent time talking to me, know that I am genuinely dedicated and have no malice. I’ve started learning ethereum from the ground up because I wanted to be part of this project and it’s all i have done in the past few years. I don’t wake up, go for a stroll and go snowboarding or traveling. I wake and see whats up, whats going on, whats the word, who is doing what. Whats the security looking like in ethereum today, who is doing what, what should we be looking out for. whats the latest solidity buzz, what new projects should we look at, who is in the ecosystem, who isn’t. who is putting in actual time, who is just lingering hoping for a quick buck and who is actually consistently dedicated. what the new idea, who is up and coming, what projects are competing against each other…

That’s me everyday. watching everything. I will tell you one thing… DittoNetwork with the weird URLs are not in the picture. Lemma Solutions aren’t in that picture. The things I do are less tangible that others. It takes a certain level of appled knowledge and skill. Skills that most people won’t ever learn. Not because they aren’t capable, but because they are not part of the life that they chose.

I’ve been a professional investigator for almost 10 years. I’ve been professionally trained. I’ve had week long evaluations by panels of high ranking officers to the most hands on experienced sitting at a table being drilled questions, just to evaluate my ability. So to be judged on such menial observation without real effort to communicate with me is insulting.

but nobody comes to me until there is this complete dissatisfaction ? I’ve asked people multiple times! This is not fair at all! This so backwards to me…Nobody pointed these things out to me until all of a sudden recently. But when I point things out I’m in the wrong?

How to slow me down? If I was compensated, I would actually be able to do things and be away from the computer.

This URL was in fact returning data back to the server about my my machine in a persistent manner including my ketstrokes.

The person admittedly said they didn’t end up even dipping in to the funds and voluntarily mentioned returning them.

These are not far-fetched concepts and I’m being treated as if i’m telling a goosebumps novel as if it were true.

Reputation shouldn’t be silently decided by others in a negative manner whilist the persons reputation who is being evaluated is seeking review or feedback and subsequently ignored and told i’m a waste of time. How is that a fair concept?

Someone has socially engineered this idea of me, because this opinion only exists from people within that mod group. outside of that and this forum. non existent

@184.eth what is your opinion?

This is truly bizzare. someone please show me what I have done that is inherently wrong. Why is there people who have shared this viewpoint with me, whom i don’t have contact with at all or ever had contacted before it was brought to me. At the same time, everyone i reach out to says " no there is no side conversation about you…"

So whats up? whats the real truth? because quite frankly this feels like a conspiracy.

-Apparently, No side conversations about me
-No mentions of any real wrong doing
-This opinion is contained within a certain group of people
-I’m a net negative for being proactive?
-Other paid individuals have zero opinion on forum.
-Other paid individuals havn’t posted in months
-I’m chastised for pointing out how I raised a point, idea or concern when later on someone who is PAID gets notoriety and credit.
-I’m chastised for having legitimate concerns about the a potential threat to ENS
-Chastised for reaching out to multiple stewards about the same topic, while at the same time each response I get is “im not responsibly for decisions in that matter”

this attempt to be see some benefit to the amount of time and ideas that i have presented awards me with the aforementioned?

there is $100 million dollars in the treasury and i’ve been asking since october to be compensated for the things i have spent my time on. I literally spend hours evaluating things, but that’s not good enough to even get some reward? I’ve spent 2.5 years involved with this forum and project, “the Internets best new technology” and i can’t even be rewarded so that I can even come remotely close to coming to eth denver??
How much are ya’ll putting in to be rewarded such? where is it at? wheres the work?
cause quite frankly its not on this forum. I thought I was part of this team for a year, turns out I was FAKE hired into believing I was. Was told that I do good work. But it was all a sham because come to find out nobody had any idea? yo seriously that’s some twisted.

have the care and energy to debate about me behind my back then when asked if there is something going on “uh oh nothing is going on, haven’t heard a thing about you…why do you ask?” but not enough energy to give me a call and get to know me for who I really am…

how is it fair that you tell me that im supposed to be making friends when you all are arguing about me without my knowledge in the background

what does that even mean? debate about how to slow me down?

I understand what you’re saying. The best thing you can do now is to let go and change your strategy. As I was recently told, people who are willing to earn nothing for a while can afford to work in a DAO. I agree, maybe it shouldn’t work like that, but in fact it does.

Ignoring is dishonest, but it is also worth accepting. Do you know where you definitely won’t be ignored? At an ordinary job, where they will hire you if you can properly sell everything you have done for the DAO.

My research for ENS wasn’t rewarded either, but I’m using it to get myself a job at Web3. It hasn’t been successful yet, but at least they are already negotiating with me. What I mean is that everything you have done is valuable only as long as you consider it valuable and know how to use it.

Everything you are doing now, proving that everyone here is wrong, does nothing useful for you. The only way to prove everyone wrong about you is to succeed.

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Who is this person that I’m proving is wrong?

It’s more the fact that I’m being lied to for who knows how long. I have not done anything wrong but give my time while my ideas have been used and credited towards other people while others take in money and I barely even have enough to survive.

People who I thought were my friends have been just lieing to me.

You don’t understand that everything I have done in the past two years, in thought, online, my energry in twitter has all been for this project because I believed in it. I lost everything I owned before I started warming up to this project. Because I was convinced and sold on the idea that If I worked hard and contributed, opportunity would come. and it did but it turned out to be fake hired, fake belief that I was part of this team. And after months of doing everything that I can to show that I’m dedicated to this … the whole time people are lieing to me as I’m waiting waiting waiting for my turn to come but the whole time people didn’t even want me around but couldn’t just tell me is excuse my language but seriously fucked up thing to do to someone.

What’s even worse is being asked to work anonymously so people wouldn’t know it’s me

Like I said, I understand what you’re saying.
Before I came here, I also lost everything and not of my own free will. I had a dream job with a salary several times higher than the average. I had such a position in society that I could work anywhere. And all this at the age of 22, despite the fact that I haven’t even graduated from university yet.
I lost it all because of the country’s leadership, which neither I nor my parents ever elected.

I therefore found myself in a weak position, and frankly speaking, I was in your condition.
All I understood from that situation was that it was precisely the cause of all my failures. Therefore, I decided that I needed to make every effort to get out of it, which is what I am doing now.

In answer to your question about who exactly you are blaming, you’d better read your posts. It seems that everyone is to blame for your failures - stewards, “friends”, Avsa, but not you. Maybe this is really true, because to be honest, I didn’t follow your work. But the main question you should answer now is - is this important at all? Proving that you are starving because of others will not make you any less hungry, believe me.

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I would like to offer a couple of thoughts

@AvsA you said it yourself, that everyone should have equal opportunities in one of your posts, but declaring that space is equal opportunities is not enough - DAO should have mechanisms to allow people with lets call it “lower life chances” to also participate and be productive - money is a big part of this.

Just look at the panel of Stewards - how many Stewards are there from third world countries? And it is a very natural process - if you have a proper passport and little bit of cash, you can travel freely, go to Ethdenver and what not, participate in events, have fun - “make friends” as you put it and so on.

So what happens if you found yourself some place else, which is not so cozy? For any reason be it passport, or money wise, or anything else? - you are excluded from the process. It’s called “indirect discrimination” - i.e. we are not telling you not to participate, but you can’t anyway.

I’m not taking sides here, I’m just saying that someone like @accessor.eth could be productive in this setting, but he does not have the means to do so. Whether his contributions do deserve compensation or not is a different question, but he certainly deserves to be heard.

This kind of situation is also misaligned with ENS goals - to be a global naming system. ENS needs to have diverse crowd of participants, from all sorts of settings - different countries, different incomes and so on. I’m not going to lecture you on the benefits of diversity.

I really enjoyed reading your reply - I think it was very thoughtful and considerate. I would like to highlight that maybe this conversation is a bit bigger than @accessor.eth, maybe its about having a set of instruments to include people on a meaningful basis.

I am. Also the stream providers have selected developers from Kenya, Brazil, Serbia, United Arabs Emirates. This is a topic I care deeply about, and I have attempted onboarding more people in the streams precisely because I know that a dollar goes way further when it’s outside the US.


I know that you are

Which is a good thing

I’m just saying that I think I understand where @accessor.eth is coming from. Wording can be better.

If anyone can give me the details in regards to these apparent debates about me that happened, would be much appreciated.


Hi @accessor.eth. Long time lurker on these forums but big believer in ENS.

I’ve seen you post thoughtful comments in the forum before and feel that ENS should include diverse opinions for it to achieve its potential as an Internet public good. So I hope you stay engaged in this community.

Not sure if this is the right time or place for feedback but I’ve found the following thread useful when I’ve contributed in Internet spaces and hope that it’s helpful for you as well :pray:


Thank you @dinesh.eth :raised_hands:t2:

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Any other opinions? take a step back and look please…