Agenda for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, April 4, 2022 @ 6PM GMT


Elected Stewards: @slobo.eth, @Ginge.eth, and @bobjiang
Time: 6PM GMT
Google Meet link:

A) Review / determine funding request for sub-groups (.eth website)

Ecosystem Working Group Is official Funded (gnosis safe)

B) Highlight ecosystem projects
C) ENS core updates, if any
D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

I encourage folks to reply with other topics they would like to discuss.

We will continue to post notes of the calls as a reply to each weeks agenda to reduce the clutter in the forum.

Last Minute Topic

Sorry I couldn’t make this; due to DST changes this is now at 6AM for me.

I’ll make sure to move this back an hour.

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Sorry I wanted to make this badly but I already had 5 calls yesterday and I was finished mentally and physically by 20:00. Any discussions around the upcoming events/conferences?

Attendees: Ginge, Alisha, slobo.eth, Coltron.eth, Neiman Lib, hellen stans, brian millsJr.eth

Both @Ginge.eth & @BrianMillsJr.Eth took notes, thank you.


A) Review / determine funding request for sub-groups (.eth website)

Utopia (demo) or Parcel (demo) for will be used for managing and tracking the funding.

B) Highlight ecosystem projects

Discussion Summary on .eth website competition

  • More educational / developer content is key to making sure the DAO has a good ROI on funds deployment.
  • Examples of great content are twitter threads, youtube videos, and blog posts
  • 100 ENS split among more winners has more impact

This is a great resource on how to build a .eth website: How to build an .eth website. A guest article by zaccary.eth, the… | by Esteroids | Medium

C) ENS core updates, if any

  • RFP model for community to participate and engage- getting more engagement from people who might not participate

D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

Potentially some “unofficial” social events at

How we can do better?

  1. have shared calendar that is more accessible and integrated into #events (@Coltron.eth has already set this up)
  2. Key role for stewards is to “warm up” (@alisha.eth) the DAO. Set up systems that allow the DAO to function well.

An Incomplete Guide to What Should a Steward Do? (@slobo.eth’s take, can expand if useful)

  1. Make sure there are regular meetings with a clear agenda
  2. Document key items from meetings
  3. Be a resource that contributors and potential contributors can access
  4. Manage any funds of the DAO transparently, diligent, and in a way that aligns with the working groups objectives. In the ecosystem that would be to direct funds to people who are improving the protocol, building on top the protocol, on-boarding devs, and creating educational resources that make the prior three easier to do.
  5. Be open to feedback

Bonus: Work to set up meetings in GMT

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