Agenda for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, August 1, 2022 @ 6PM GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @slobo.eth, @validator.eth, and @bobjiang


A) Ecosystem Term #2 Budget Discussion
B) Merch store update @5pence
C) ENS Project Highlight

D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement
E) ENS core updates
F) Open space for additional topics

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Dm3 a.k.a ENS mail is also going to be presented today! :smiley:

Call Minutes

Attendees: alisha.eth, oakgroup.eth, slobo.eth, validator.eth, Mayra Alejandra Castillo, SydMead, anthonyware.eth, coltron.eth, Dave Montaili, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, 5pence.eth, Heiko Burkhardt.

A) Budget Discussion 2

  • Budget proposal Snapshot ended.
  • The executable proposal will go live on Wednesday.

B) Merch store update @5pence

  • Awaiting the on-chain budget approval to confirm this project.
  • If approved, the store will be designed and operated by General Magic.
  • A priority will be to get custom ENS hats available for DevCon.

C) ENS Project Highlight

  • DM3: Presented by Heiko Burkhardt and vegayp.eth. DM3 is a decentralized, open, and secure messaging using established web3 services.
    - There is a DM3 Library.
    - Uses ENS Name, avatar, and other text records to generate profiles.
    - DM3 is looking for feedback/temp-check from the ENS community.
    - A forum post should be provided to discuss this project further.

D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

E) ENS core updates

  • July Stats:
    • 738K new .eth registrations.
    • 5,400 ETH in revenue.
    • Greater than 99% of OpenSea domain volume.
    • Stats are here tweeted here.

F) Open space for additional topics

  • ENS Small Grants closed today. The Top 5 winners are available to see on the Meta-gov will be taking over the development of the small grants infrastructure.
  • is down. The core team is looking to get this up, and someone from TNL will post on the forum with an update.
  • Gitcoin Grants rounds are a month away. We should begin directing people to @slobo.eth or @coltron.eth to help shepherd builders to the Gitcoin grants program. A reasonable target is to get around 50 applicants/projects in the ENS Ecosystem grants rounds.
  • A proposal will be made to migrate the admin of the community multisig to the ecosystem working group.