Agenda for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, Jan 12, 2023 @ 5PM GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @slobo.eth, @Limes , @Yambo


A) Intros of new stewards + what to expect this month
B) ENS Project Highlights
C) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

  • Discuss events for ethDenver

D) ENS core updates
E) Open space for additional topics

Folks with projects to present, please reach out to @slobo.eth or post a reply in this thread.


Would like to add onto this plan for ETH Denver and any other IRL events


Don’t have post access on the forum yet so for today the minutes will go in response to the agenda!

Minutes for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, Jan 12th, 2023 @ 5PM GMT

Google Meet link:
Stewards: @slobo.eth, @Limes, @Yambo

Call Minutes

184.eth, 5pence, Adrienne, Cap, Chris Powers, Coltron, Daylon, Fabio Anaya, Greg Skriloff, Hellenstans.eth, Limes, Marcus Martínez, Megan Fabry, Prem Makeig, Sejal Rekhan, Shaik Hidayath, Slobo, Terin Guerra, Tim B, Tom Sargent, Vincent/zadok7, Wolfram, Yambo, YungSB, accessor, mironq, stevegachau.eth, sydmead.eth -

Minutes and call notes transcribed by @daylon.eth

A) Intros of new stewards + what to expect this month

Ecosystem calls are a place for builders to present what they’re working on, and to highlight projects in the ecosystem. Audience ranges from highly technical to purely business.

B) ENS Project Highlights

Megan & Tim B from Mailchain
Website | Twitter

We are trying to solve communication in web3. Mailchain allows wallet-to-wallet email-like communication. Users can use an ENS name to register on Mailchain to send messages between dApps. Messages are end-to-end encrypted. Mailchain is on the path to decentralized, and is currently free to sign up and use.

Mailchain allows you to use your onchain identity for communication. Users register a wallet by first proving ownership with a signature, then Mailchain generates messaging keys for the account.

  • Looking for feedback via or Discord.
  • Looking to hire a Developer Relations position that helps write articles full time or less. Please contact tim@mailchain.

Mailchain-ENS Demo

Other chat/messaging platforms referenced:

Terin Guerra from SwapUp
Website | Twitter

SwapUp allows for trading assets peer-to-peer. Initially it will allow users to trade NFTs on Ethereum, and we will expand capabilites in the future to include services such as escrow.

The project started two months ago, and is still in the development phase. We are looking to implement a communication layer and Name Wrapper features in the future.

Shaik Hidayath from 1W3
Website | Twitter

1W3 is a no-code website builder for ENS. Users can build a website using a drag-and-drop interface and publish it to IPFS. It will feature more than 4,000 web templates in categories such as business, personal, and more.

Users simply select a template, change it with their content, and publish through the platform to an ENS domain with just a few clicks.

Example website

C) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement
Discuss events for ethDenver

Budget proposals are due next Friday. We would like to get people together in real life around popular events such as ETHGlobal. This year we are going to ETH Denver. We are looking for feedback on how many should attend, how we should participate, what we should talk about, and what you’d like to see at the ENS booth.

ETHDenver is next big event for ENS DAO, where people can meet up in real life. ENS DAO will have a presence, and we are hoping to have a booth with a few core team and DAO members. We are waiting for confirmation that we will have an official ENS booth from @alisha.eth.

Side event #Alpha for ETH Denver

@slobo.eth provided an amazing impersonation of an NFT bro from last year at ETH New York, which took place during peak bull market vibes.

“omg I got so rich with this NFT, what should I do!?”

…ETH Denver will probably be different. is the official ENS DAO merch store supported by the Ecosystem working group. Currently, you can buy an ENS logo hat, with more products selection coming soon.

D) ENS core updates
Prem is continuing work on Name Wrapper, still coming soon.

This year’s major release forecast:

E) Open space for additional topics

Name Wrapper questions:
Q: What is the functionality of the Name Wrapper to the end user? Is ENS creating an interface for subdos?

A: (@Premm.eth) Name Wrapper will be part of V3 app - ( The main thing to know about the Name Wrapper is that it is essentially the 3rd version of the protocol. Subdos will now be NFTs. See documentation.

Q: Will subdos be able to have content records like .eth?
A: Yes, they will function like nested .eth names.

Q: How does the grants process work?
A: People create good work and present it in working group calls, or stewards become aware of it, and then they may decide which projects should receive funding.

A main consideration is “what is being used and adding utility?”

No grants will be done this month until the budget is approved.

Q: Can you speak more about additional builders grants? Will ENS be providing more funding for builders?

A: We have had builders grants including a Fellowship program. Greg is a fellow; Premm is supported through the bug bounty program. Grant plans will be better spelled out in the budget proposal. We are considering funding in the $1k-10k range for builders vs projects.


This part was hilarious for those who missed it.


This is like a new standard for how to write minutes! Great job @Limes!


We should create a MEME with @slobo.eth video > “omg I got so rich with this NFT, what should I do!?”


It was fun call!


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