☎️ ENS Ecosystem Working Group – Weekly Meeting: 12pm ET, Thursday

2023 ENS Ecosystem WG Weekly Meetings


Time/Day – 12pm ET every Thursday
Google Meet Link – http://meet.google.com/ecv-oizn-psi

Agenda + Minutes

January 12, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes
January 19, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes
January 26, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes


The ENS Ecosystem Working Group holds weekly calls. The calls are open to community members and the general public.

The ENS Ecosystem Working Group calls are led by the lead steward of the working group. The lead steward for Q1/Q2 2023 is Alex/slobo.eth. If you need to get in touch with slobo.eth, please message him on the forum, or you can send him a message on nftychat.

Details for the call are the same from week to week. If there is a change to a scheduled call, a comment will be posted in this thread to give notice.

If you have items that you would like to add to the weekly agenda please message any of the ENS Ecosystem stewards (@slobo.eth, @Limes, or @Yambo) through the messaging feature on this forum.

Comments on this thread are restricted to Stewards. If you would like to discuss an ENS Ecosystem topic, please create a new post under #ens-ecosystem:ecosystem-discussion.


January 26, 2023


A) ENS Project Highlights

B) Funding Request is live on snapshot
C) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

D) ENS core updates
E) Open space for additional topics

Folks with projects to present, please reach out to @slobo.eth or post a reply in this thread.


Minutes for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, Jan 26th, 2023

184.eth, 5pence, Acadian.eth, Coltron, Daylon, Eduardo, eth.limo - sydmead.eth, Greg Skriloff, hellenstans, J Eth, Jason Feng, Julie Shi, Limes, Marcus Martinez, Megan Fabry, Mironq, Prem Makeig, Sean Brennan, Shaik Hidayath, Slobo, Vincent, Yambo

Minutes and call notes transcribed by @daylon.eth


A) ENS Project Highlights
Greg | ENS Widget
A widget that allows any react website to implement and register ENS names in a few flexible ways. It also allows tracking of who registered a name using your widget via Platform Source Parameter for Registrar Controller. It has options for styling and customization.

The widget is open source and available at github.com/gskril/ens-widget.

May include options to set primary name, avatar, and some text records in the future.

Sean | relay.cc
Relay is a platform for connecting an ENS name with projects and company card on the site. There are sections for the Lens ecosystem, music ecosystem, and more. It features a decentralied chat function that allows for messaging via ENS names. The team is working on an OpenAI feature (currently in alpha) that allows users to chat with a bot trained on a project’s documentation.

How is the training data for chatbot functionality implemented?
We have a system that can ingest documentation data to use in the question answering model. We currently have documentation implemented for some of the biggest projects such as Uniswap, Lens, and ENS. In the future there will be a process to onboard new project documentation, which could possibly be a premium service. We are using GPTIndex and Langchain to implement data for the chatbot.

Do you have an estimate of the number of projects that don’t have an ENS name?
It is hard to say. We are in the process of reaching out to projects and out of the current responses, it is about 50/50, but this is a small sample size.

Over the next few months we would like to implement as many ENS names for projects as possible.

Julie | Org3
Org3 is an ENS subdomain based organization management tool. It provides visualization of the current subdomains of a parent name. Anyone that owns a name can interact with their domain tree. It also has a file sharing system. The current focus is on domain creation and visualization process. Domain information is loaded from Graph protocol or with on-chain data from the ENS registry.

To mint subdomains, should we start with Goerli, or use mainnet? When will the NameWrapper be deployed on mainnet?

Use Goerli to practice and develop.
There is no precise answer for the release date of NameWrapper on mainnet, but it is expected soon.

Are there any features that you want to see on Org3?
It is recommended that once you have something live, you can post on the forum and tweet about it, and it will be much easier to solicit feedback that way. The ENS Discord can be a helpful resource and you may be able to get some more technical feedback there.

Julie | ENS Doc
ENS Doc allows you to upload and share your file in a safe way. To use it, choose a file to upload and enter the ENS address you would like to share the file with. The site creates a randomized file link to download the file that only the specified address will have access to. It uploads the file to IPFS and a backend stores the hash of the file location. The backend checks if the requesting address has permission to download the file. We still need to fix the issue of being able to guess the location of the file on IPFS without permission.

Slobo | nftychat
This week we added the ability for people to change their primary ENS name within their settings on nftychat.

J Eth | eth.id
After receiving feedback that the price to redeem your eth.id name was too high, we created a portal at eth.id/ens for redeeming a limited number of ENS names per day that a user already owns, for 0.01 ETH.

B) Funding Request is live on snapshot

Funding requests are now live on Snapshot. If you haven’t voted yet, please vote.

C) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

Coltron (re: ETH Denver)
We are looking at two potential places to hold a side event during ETH Denver. We are looking to have an event with around 100 people on the invite list, to get together and chat about ENS. The location is not yet finalized.

Any estimate of a date?
We are looking at March 2nd.

ENS Merch Store
We will be doing a small run of hats and shirts for IRL events, which will be available in the merch store as well @ ensmerchshop.xyz

Megan (Mailchain)
We will be doing a workshop at ETH Denver and would like to feature the NameWrapper in the presentation. It will be a 1.5 hour event on February 25th. We are also interested in contributing to a domain renewal alert system for ENS.

D) ENS core updates

We are expecting updates soon, within the coming weeks.

E) Open space for additional topics

There was an ENS Office Hours Twitter Space today, in which Slobo discussed nftychat. (Recording)

The NameWrapper is still in active development, although the release is getting closer. We are still looking for bugs and things that can be improved. If anyone would like to work on it or work on integrations, please contact me.

What is the best way to reach out to you?
Twitter or the ENS Forum.

If anyone has feedback on how meetings are run, please share it publicly or privately with any of the working group stewards.


February 2, 2023


A) ENS Project Highlights

  • dm3 update

B) Funding Request is live on tally.xyz
C) ENS Fairy
D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement

  • ethDenver – IRL planning update @Limes

E) ENS core updates
F) Open space for additional topics

Folks with projects to present, please reach out to @slobo.eth or post a reply in this thread.


Minutes for Weekly Ecosystem Meeting, Feb 3rd, 2023

Notes by @daylon.eth


A) ENS Project Highlights
dm3 - dm3.network

  • dm3 started last year with a goal to solve in the problems of web 2 messaging
  • web2 siloes data, and users are not able to communicate from one application to the other
  • dm3 can send messages to anyone across the entire ecosystem without
  • dm3 is free and open source.

Contact Steffen directly on Twitter or join the discussion on the ENS forum to contribute to dm3.

How do you view XMTP, Push, nftychat, and other messaging players in the space?

We have talked with them and we are thinking about how to bring protocols together so that we have interoperability in the future.

J Eth | eth.id
eth.id is a service that allows you to have a web 2 domain that is identical to your web3 domain. It utilizes DNS-ENS integration to allow your site to be accessed from any browser.

New features:

  • create a little score card for yourself.
  • a live price update feature coming soon
  • create a showcase link to display any NFTs that you have.

For now anyone can claim the eth.id for your ENS name that you already own for 0.02 ETH.

Re: ENS widget
Any plans for integrating OpenSea’s API or another marketplace’s API for putting an ENS up for sale in the widget?

The plan is to integrate any site that allows the sale of your ENS name.

What if you own the ENS and the DNS name?
Adding to development roadmap.

If anyone has any further ideas, reach on Twitter or on nftychat in the main ENS channel

Greg | ENS Widget
The repo is open if you want to look at it. If you have any feedback or run into any errors, please contact Twitter.

Is the identifier that this uses locked or can it be changed?
When you register an ENS name, part of the process is using a random string known as a secret. What we can do to track registrations on-chain is to change a part of that string to something identifiable. It is included and very easy to configure.

B) Funding Request is live on tally.xyz
Vote is live on Tally

C) ENS Fairy
As a reminder this is focused on abandoned names that have entered the premium period (starts at 100m going down to 0 over time)

  • Not buying buying last names like slobodnik.eth, if uniswap.eth came up we would consider acquring that
  • Delegates seem to have mostly a positive on this pilot program

D) Review any upcoming events with ENS involvement
ethDenver – IRL planning update @Limes
March 2nd we will be having an ENS event at the Cooper Lounge.

Space is limited and is expected to be full.

E) ENS core updates
We will have a UI update next week from Dom.

There is pull request right now that makes a small change to registration and delegation in the name wrapper.

F) Open space for additional topics

Is there a planned improvement proposal planned to be written for the new name manager and for the name wrapper?

Backend changes usually aren’t ENS IPs.

Mailchain will be holding an event at ETHDenver on Feb 25th

Are there plans to release the V3 app before the NameWrapper is released?

The final version of the NameWrapper is being tested on Goerli.

alpha.ens.domains update coming soon

184.eth, 5pence, Acadian.eth, accessor, Blockdepth.eth, Cap, Chris Powers, Coltron, Daylon, Eduardo, Greg Skriloff, Gwei Man, hellenstans.eth, J Eth, Josiah D, King, Limes, Marcus Martinez, Megan Farby, Michael Bonner, Prem Makeig, Sasha DJ, Shaik Hidayath, Slobo, Steffen Kux, Syd Mead-Limo, Tyler Cicrello, Vincent, Wolfram, Yambo, YungSB