๐ŸŽ‰ Results: Working Group Steward Elections for Q1/Q2 2023

Working Group Steward Elections for Q1/Q2 2023

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Update (15 Dec 2022)
The results for the Working Group Steward elections are in.
The top 3 ranked candidates in each Working Group are:

MetaGovernance: @nick.eth, @simona_pop, and @katherinewu
ENS Ecosystem: @slobo.eth, @Limes, and @Yambo
Public Goods: @AvsA, @Coltron.eth, and @vegayp

Congratulations incoming Stewards! Thank you to all of the candidates and voters for your participation. Stewards will convene in January to finalize any required details, such as appointing a Lead Steward for each Working Group and appointing a Secretary.

Link to Snapshot for reference


(Post from 10 Dec 2022)

Voting is now open on Snapshot until 9am UTC on December 15!

All nominees who met the requirements set out in the respective threads are included in the election for the appropriate Working Group.


Voting opens at 9am UTC on December 10.
Voting closes at 9am UTC on December 15.

MetaGovernance Working Group vote

ENS Ecosystem Working Group vote

Public Goods Working Group vote


Iโ€™m not sure if this is allowed here, but itโ€™s not not allowed as far as I can tell, soโ€ฆ

Iโ€™d be happy to answer any questions voters may have for me, relevant to my ENS governance views and opinions, etc.

Sorry if this isnโ€™t the place. If it isnโ€™t, could I start my own thread?


Happy for there to be a lot of conversation about elections and questions for candidates on this thread :+1:


ENS Ecosystem WG Opening Statement:

My name is cazer.eth & I am running for the position of the Working Group for the ENS Ecosystem in this Election.

I have been an Active Member of the ENS Ecosystem for more than a year now, & have been involved in various initiatives & projects that have helped to advance the ecosystem. I am passionate about the potential of Decentralized Technology & believe that ENS is a crucial component of the Decentralized Web.

As a ENS Steward, I would bring a unique set of skills & expertise that will be valuable to the DAO. I will be committed to working hard to ensure the continued Growth & Success of the Ecosystem, & will always put the interests of the Community First.

If elected, I will prioritize building rapport within various Web 3 Communities & ENS Clubs to ensure continued public confidence in the future of ENS. I will work tirelessly to achieve that sentiment. I ask for your support in the upcoming election, & I look forward to working together to build a better future for ENS.

Thank you for considering me for the position as a ENS Ecosystem Steward. I am confident that together, we can continue to drive the ENS Ecosystem forward & make it even more successful.


Can you give some examples please?


Sure no problem,

As a Dedicated Member of the ENS Community, I have taken on several milestone initiatives & projects to help further the success of the ENS Ecosystem.

These examples include: Starting the Apostropheโ€™s Club Discord.

While Maintaining the Apostropheโ€™s Club Twitter & overseeing the Possessivemojis Twitter.

These initiatives were jump-started by a very Well-Written Tweet Thread that encouraged others to participate in the Ecosystem, as I explained to others that they were not late to the party of ENS but early because of this new mechanic called โ€œNormalizationโ€. I also had to summarize a very precise topic while not losing the readerโ€™s attention about how to mint the 2027 Keyboard Apostrophe was going to be mapped into the 2019 Right Single Quotation for specific reasons. Here is also the YouTube Video I created to Explain how to Mint the Correct Apostrophe.

Through the Leadership of the Apostropheโ€™s Club Discord & Twitter, I believe that I was the one to lead a huge rush of new users joining the Apostropheโ€™s Discord & registering their own domains, contributing to over 6,000 2019 Apostrophe domains registered to date after the huge push with my Vital Involvement with my Apostropheโ€™s Normalization Call To Action Thread.

I have also started a project called the ENS Game Show, a fun late-night Game Show for the Community to show off their domains in a fun fashion, & also decided to give away ENS domains to all participants for the first one that was hosted.

I have recently spoken about ENS to a brand-new audience of individuals on a Twitter Spaces, trying to onboard new users into the ENS Ecosystem through bringing a Strong level of Information on how the ENS Protocol can empower them as a user.

Having that Strong Social Media presence has been what has led me to much success in moving the ENS Ecosystem forward. Being a very personable individual to others and providing quality information has only boosted Community Confidence within the ENS Ecosystem. All while making a plethora of new friends and allies & learning a lot along the way. If I could go full-time doing this forever, I wouldnโ€™t complain. I hope that these explanations are sufficient enough to show my allegiance to the ENS Community & to the ENS Ecosystem itself.


Just a quick question!

Is this shown equally to everyone? I have updated my browser and the same names keep showing up, which could be seen as misleading, I think having the link to proposal without the names (for next time), would probably be more transparent!

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I think it has updated now and is showing live results.


Oh yes! The live results are great! I was just suggesting a tweak, to not show names, since it could induce the feeling that there is no need to vote for any โ€œof the othersโ€.

Anyhow, great job!

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Closing Statement:

I am honored to have been a part of ENS so far, & to have had the opportunity to contribute to the important work of promoting and supporting digital identities. During my time, I have focused on creating a bigger ENS family & have seen the positive impact of my efforts on the ENS Ecosystem.

Going into Q1/Q2 I want to help build Web 3 Utilizing the Decentralized Power of ENS & IPFS. I want to assure everyone that I will continue to support the ENS Ecosystem in any way that I can. I am committed to New Projects & Initiatives based around ENS also in the Future going into 2023.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me during the election and supported my work on the ENS Ecosystem. I am grateful for your trust and confidence in me, and I will continue to do my best to serve the Ecosystem and promote the Human Right to a Digital Identity for All.

I look forward to continuing to work together to support with the wonderful people that work endlessly to make this place a better world, & continuing to support the Ecosystem and the Important Work of Promoting Digital Identities.


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Members of the ENS community,

I am writing to formally concede the election for ENS Steward. While I am disappointed that my campaign was not successful, I want to congratulate the winners on their victory and to thank all of my supporters for their support.

I want to assure you that I will continue to support ENS and to work towards its success. I believe in the importance of strong, transparent governance and the need for robust, credibly decentralized systems like ENS.

While I may not have won this time, I remain committed to helping the ENS community thrive and to supporting the growth of decentralized identity technology.

I will continue to actively participate in discussions, provide my opinions (even when unpopular), and support how I can.

Again, I want to thank all of my supporters and to congratulate the winning Stewards. I look forward to working with you all in the future to continue to build and improve ENS.


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The results for the Working Group Steward elections are in.
The top 3 ranked candidates in each Working Group are:

MetaGovernance : @nick.eth, @simona_pop, and @katherinewu
ENS Ecosystem : @slobo.eth, @Limes, and @Yambo
Public Goods : @AvsA, @Coltron.eth, and @vegayp

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ENS DAO tweet for reference: