ENS DAO Q1/Q2 2023 Dashboard

ENS DAO Q1/Q2 2023 Dashboard

:star: Getting Started

This post contains a collection of helpful information about the ENS DAO Q1/Q2 2023 term. It will be updated periodically with the latest information. Bookmark it for easy reference any time!

When you’re ready to dive in deeper, be sure to check out ENS DAO Basics. It’s an excellent collection of resources to help you understand and participate in the governance of ENS.

:calendar: DAO Calendar

Refer to the official ENS DAO calendar for meeting links and times. Any other sources are not guaranteed to be accurate.

ENS DAO Calendar: Public Access
ENS DAO Calendar: Access with Gmail

:ballot_box: Proposals

An overview of DAO proposals created between Jan 1st and Jun 30th, 2023.

Proposal Discussion Vote
EP3.5 [Executable] Activate new .eth Controller and Reverse Registrar Open Active
EP3.4 [Executable] Fund the Endowment (first tranche) Closed Passed
EP3.3 [Executable] Sell ETH into USDC Closed Passed
EP3.2 [Executable] Q1/Q2 2023 Working Group Funding Closed Passed
EP3.1.1 [Social] Q1/Q2 2023 Funding Request: ENS Ecosystem Working Group Closed Passed
EP3.1.2 [Social] Q1/Q2 2023 Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group Closed Passed
EP3.1.3 [Social] Q1/Q2 2023 Funding Request: Public Goods Working Group Closed Passed

:speaking_head: Recurring DAO Calls

The DAO has recurring working group calls.

Working Group Day Time Location
:hammer: Meta-Governance Tuesday 11AM ET (4PM UTC) Google Meet
:seedling: ENS Ecosystem Thursday Noon ET (5PM UTC) Google Meet
:high_brightness: Public Goods Thursday 1PM ET (6PM UTC) Google Meet

Refer to the ENS DAO Calendar for the most up to date times and links.

:man_technologist: Role Definitions

The information provided below is a summary. Refer to [EP1.8] Working Group Rules for complete specifications.

  • Steward: Stewards are responsible for overseeing the operation of working groups in accordance with [EP1.8] Working Group Rules and the ENS DAO Constitution.
  • Lead Steward: Elected by a simple majority for their respective working group. Lead Stewards are responsible for the operational management and administration of working groups. They are expected to provide regular updates to the DAO in the ENS governance forum related to working group progress, achievements, and challenges.
  • DAO Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for managing working relationships and communications across working groups as well as performing administrative duties for the DAO.

:briefcase: Steward Information

There are three elected stewards in each working group. These stewards were elected via approval voting prior to the start of the Q1/Q2 2023 Term. Lead Stewards are indicated in bold.

:seedling: ENS Ecosystem

Responsible for growing and improving the ENS Ecosystem.

Steward Forum Twitter
slobo.eth @slobo.eth @AlexSlobodnik
limes.eth @Limes @EnlightenedLime
Yambo @Yambo @yambo_eth

:hammer: Meta-Governance

Supports DAO governance initiatives and treasury management.

Steward Forum Twitter
Katherine Wu @katherinewu @katherineykwu
nick.eth @nick.eth @nicksdjohnson
simona.eth @simona_pop @Sim_Pop

:high_brightness: Public Goods

Responsible for funding public goods in web3.

Steward Forum Twitter
coltron.eth @Coltron.eth @Coltron_eth
avsa.eth @AvsA @avsa
vegayp.eth @vegayp @vegaypatino

:pen: DAO Secretary

The responsibilities for DAO Secretary are outlined in [EP1.8] Working Group Rules.

9.7. The Secretary is responsible for managing working relationships and communications across working groups as well as performing administrative duties for the DAO.

9.8. The responsibilities of the Secretary include, but are not limited to:

  1. Managing a DAO-wide calendar;
  2. Coordinating and attending working group meetings where possible and ensuring meeting summaries are posted in the ENS governance forum;
  3. Assisting Stewards with coordination challenges within working groups; and
  4. Acting as a multi-sig keyholder for each working group.

The nominated DAO Secretary for the Q1/Q2 2023 term is @coltron.eth.

  • For any DAO-related issues, especially with the calendar, please reach out to @coltron.eth on telegram. (Preferred Contact)

:handshake: Get Involved

Here are some ways to stay up-to-date, learn more, and participate:

This dashboard will be updated with new information.