ENS DAO Newsletter #34 - 05/01/2023

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Hello and welcome to the Ethereum Name Service DAO Newsletter!

New editions are published on the 1st and 15th of every month.

This newsletter is available on the ENS DAO Governance Forum and Substack.

We encourage any feedback, questions, or comments!

:newspaper_roll: Newsletter Updates

  • ENS DAO Newsletter is participating in the current Gitcoin Grants Beta Round, in both the ENS Ecosystem and Web3 Community and Education rounds.
  • At the time of publication, over 20 contributors have donated over $100 to support our newsletter. Thank you so much!

:zzz: TL;DR

:spiral_calendar: ENS Calendar

For the most up-to-date schedule of events, refer to the ENS Calendar.
Any other sources are not guaranteed to be accurate.

:checkered_flag: Current Events

  • Public Goods Growth Grants: Submission phase runs from April 14 - May 4. This is a $10k retroactive public goods grant. For more information, read the announcement on the forum.
  • Grantee Workshops: This is a workshop for those submitting to our Growth Grants round. Three workshops will be hosted on April 17, 24 and May 1. For more information, visit the Grants dashboard.

:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

Proposal Discussion Vote
EP3.6 [Social] Election of new ENS Foundation director Open Active
EP3.5 [Executable] Activate new .eth Controller and Reverse Registrar Closed Passed

:pencil2: Drafts

Proposal Discussion
Approval of ENS Name Normalization Standard Open
ENS Invalid Name Refund Proposal Open

For details on the ENS DAO proposal process see our Governance Docs.

:newspaper: ENS Updates

V3 App and MoonPay Integration

Version 3 of the ENS Manager app is now live on app.ens.domains!

It’s finally here! The new ENS manager app is live on app.ens.domains. Thanks to everyone involved, and to those who have been patiently waiting for it to drop. This is just the start of the next phase of products that will take the UI/UX of ENS to the next level.

— leontalbert.eth 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@talbert_leon) April 24, 2023

The new V3 manager app adds integration with MoonPay, allowing users to purchase ENS names with a credit card in seconds, without the need to acquire ETH first.

Additionally, MoonPay users can purchase crypto on the MoonPay site, and send it directly to their ENS name.

For more information, read the full announcement on MoonPay.

Now you can use MoonPay to buy @ensdomains with a card. 🛒

Get your ENS domain now ⬇️https://t.co/ZCUj9cjtwE pic.twitter.com/AcCQBNillx

— MoonPay 🟣 (@moonpay) April 21, 2023


On March 29th, the proposal to deploy the long-awaited suite of contract upgrades (including Name Wrapper) was executed with 99.99% voter approval.

For more information about the new NameWrapper functionality, check out this helpful thread by Sadaf.eth.

Gasless DNSSEC

Gasless DNSSEC is an integration that is currently being developed by the ENS Labs team. This will make it possible for anyone with a DNS name to import it into ENS, with no on-chain gas fees.

More details can be found in the pull request.

ENS Foundation Director

Nominations to appoint a new director of the ENS Foundation have now closed.

Two nominees are included on the ballot for election:

The election is open from Monday, May 1 at 9am UTC, to Friday, May 5 at 9am UTC.

The voting method used is single-choice voting.

Vote now on Snapshot!

For more information, view the forum thread: Election of new ENS Foundation director.

:speech_balloon: ENS Spaces

The ENS core team held several spaces on Twitter in the second half of April. Click the links below to listen to the recordings!

:seedling: Grants Highlights

Growth Grants

The Public Goods working group stewards are introducing Growth Grants :potted_plant: – a new retroactive grant opportunity from the Public Goods working group! With this grant, we are proud to award 10k USDC to five projects that have positively impacted the Ethereum or Web3 ecosystems.
The primary goal of this grant is to recognize and support established projects that have demonstrated their value and positively impacted the Ethereum or Web3 landscapes.


Any questions about the process should be prepared in advance of the Grantee Workshops.

Key Dates:

  • Submissions: April 14 – May 4
  • Grantee Workshops: April 17, 24 and May 1.
  • Review: May 4 – 15
  • Winners Announced: May 18

Gitcoin Grants Beta Round

ENS DAO is sponsoring the Gitcoin Grants Beta Round.

The ENS Ecosystem DAO stewards @AlexSlobodnik, @yambo_eth, and I are happy to announce we will be sponsoring the @Gitcoin Program Beta Round utilizing the Allo protocol.

Important Dates:
4/12 - 4/21: Applications are open
4/12 - 4/24: Grant Reviews
4/25 - 5/9: Beta Rounds Live https://t.co/SYoIXx41Rp

— limes.eth, CPA (@EnlightenedLime) April 12, 2023

More details about the $50k sponsored round can be found on the forum.

Key Dates:

  • Applications Open: April 12 - April 21
  • Review: April 12 - April 24
  • Beta Round: April 25 - May 9

:globe_with_meridians: Community Updates

ENS Town Hall Q1 2023

DAO Global Hackathon 2023: Bounties

On April 6th, Aragon announced its Global Hackathon featuring a specific ask from the ENS DAO community to build new apps that may streamline the governance process. For a full breakdown of the bounties, visit the 2023 DAO Global Hackathon Bounties site.


  • Streamline governance and working group communications ($2000 USD)
  • Improve DAO voter’s identities ($2000 USD)
  • Build a better discourse plugin for DAO governance ($2500 USD)

:newspaper: Working Group News

ENS DAO Working Group Schedule (Q1/Q2 2023):

Working Group Time Day Location
Meta-Governance 3pm UTC Tuesday Google Meet
ENS Ecosystem 4pm UTC Thursday Google Meet
Public Goods 5pm UTC Thursday Google Meet

:hammer: Meta-Governance

The Meta-Governance working group hosted its weekly meetings on April 18th and April 25th:

Financial Reporting:

:seedling: ENS Ecosystem

The Ecosystem working group hosted its weekly meetings on April 20th and April 27th:
Note: Next week’s Ecosystem meeting will likely be moved from Thursday @ 12:00 pm ET to Wednesday, May 3 @ 12:00 pm ET, to account for the ENS birthday party.

Gitcoin Grants

  • Consider donating to the ENS Ecosystem Gitcoin Grants Beta Round. This is an amazing way to support ENS projects and maximize your impact with fund matching. Matching round ends on May 9th.
  • For more information, see the forum discussion.

Project Highlights

nftychat | @slobo.eth

  • Slobo introduced nftychat’s newest feature and attendees of the call were able to claim free nfty.eth subdomains.

Unblock Receipts | @unblockreceipts.eth

  • Unblock Receipts is a tool to generate invoice/receipt for ENS purchases and transactions.
  • Customizable format with optional memo.
  • CSV exports available.

ENS Redirect | hellenstans.eth

  • Redirect people to any website using your .eth domain.
  • Generate a profile for your .eth name.
  • Integrate videos, podcasts, social platforms, and more to your profile.

Fileverse | Andreas

  • Fileverse is a decentralized alternative to Notion & Gsuite tools.
  • The UI is stored on IPFS, chat is end-to-end encrypted, and access is filtered at the address level. This means no email or KYC is needed to collaborate, and access can be token-gated or whitelisted.
  • Donate via Gitcoin.

Unruggable Subname Rentals | @Premm.eth and @clowestab

  • Premm and Thomas are looking to make changes around 3 current limitations of subname rentals.
    1. There is a single parent level “renewal controller.”
    2. Subnames in the name wrapper can be hard to verify as “unruggable.”
    3. Burning the fuse of a wrapped domain carries a high degree of risk for the parent domain holder.
  • The project introduces the idea of a renewal controller that manages the price of renewals. An independent 3rd party in this case could control the price of renewals and prevent price hikes on current subname holders.
  • Donate via Gitcoin.

Upcoming Events

:tada: Birthday Party :tada:

  • ENS turns 6 years old on May 4th, @alisha.eth shared further details on ENS’s birthday party that remain a secret to those outside the ecosystem meetings.
  • However, it is recommended you have your primary name and profile picture set on your ENS name.
  • Stay tuned to the ENS Twitter account for more details.

ENS Core Updates

  • @matoken.eth | ENS cards are such a success that the team is making them a mainstay at events in the future.
  • The new ENS manager app is live at app.ens.domains.
  • The smart contract audit for gasless DNS domain imports is almost complete.

:sunny: Public Goods

The Public Goods working group hosted its weekly meetings on April 20th and April 27th:

General DAO News

  • Important dates:
    • May 4: ENS Birthday
    • May 22: Delegation Week
  • Many ongoing grant and bounty opportunities available.
  • Name Normalization is in the final stretch.
    • Raffy is drafting pull request
    • Will go to social vote in the next 3-4 weeks
  • Election for ENS Foundation Director commences at 9am UTC May 1. More info here.
  • ENS’s Birthday is May 4th. A unique POAP drop and a Twitter space is tentatively planned. The alpha for the POAP drop is to have your primary name and avatar set.

Small Grants

Public Goods Small Grants round 8 wrapped up last week. The winners were:

  1. Dappnode
  2. Gashawk
  3. EVMCrispr
  4. Giveth
  5. Guatemalan Bootcamp and Hackathon

EVMCrispr presented by Sem Bee

EVMcrispr is a tool that combines a domain-specific language with a Javascript library to interact with Aragon DAOs and smart contracts through a recognizable command-line interface.

View the EVMCrispr Small Grants proposal, here.

Giveth presented by Mitch and Almond

Giveth is a fundraising platform that not only allows supporting Public Goods projects, but Giveth rewards donors directly through the GIVbacks program with GIV. Giveth is a part of the SDG Impact Fund and a non-profit 501c3 in the United States.

View the Giveth Small Grants proposal here.

Growth Grants

  • Public Goods Growth Grants are live - see the forum post.
  • Submissions are open until May 4th.
  • We are reaching out to small grants winners, runner-ups, and Gitcoin Beta Round submissions. If you know anyone who should submit to our growth grants, please direct them to Growth Grants :potted_plant: Information.


:lock: Security Tip

Check out this helpful thread for information about some of the latest scams, and ways that you can protect yourself.

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:globe_with_meridians: Translations:
:cn: 中文 by @bobjiang
:de: Deutsch by @maycas.eth
:es: Español by @maycas.eth
:portugal: Português by Leticia Ferraz