Gitcoin Grants Beta Round

In case you didn’t hear, ENS Ecosystem will be sponsoring a Gitcoin Grants Round built on top of their new platform, Allo. Allo allows teams to deploy on-chain funding rounds trustlessly. This is a great development but one thing to note is that gas must be paid to deploy these applications.

That means anytime you post or update records of your application, it will cost some ETH. To address this, we wanted to give builders a space below to post a preview of their project in order to get feedback or catch mistakes before deploying on chain. Please follow the prompts provided so the stewards and community can give you feedback before deploying.

Note: The ecosystem group will be sponsoring builders gas fees spent on deploying applications at the discretion of the stewards. So we’re happy to help, but don’t get carried away.

Dates of Note:
4/12 - 4/21: Applications are open
4/12 - 4/24: Grant Reviews
4/25 - 5/9: Beta Rounds Live

Gitcoin Grants Rounds
ENS Gitcoin Grant Application


Project Name:
Project Website:
Project Logo:
Project Banner:
Project Description:


Project Name: 1W3.eth
Project Website:
Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description: 1W3 is a linktree alternative for the decentralized web. Your personal, censorship-resistant hub to showcase your unique identity and creations. With your own ENS Web3 domain, you’ll have complete control over your digital presence, free from centralized control. Effortlessly integrate your social profiles, portfolio, blog, NFTs, videos, podcasts, photos, calendar, and more, all on a single, customizable page.

What more can you do? Decentralized Blog, Portfolio Landing Pages, Business Landing Pages and more…


Project Name: Unblock Receipts / ENS Receipts
Project Website:
Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description:

UnblockReceipts lets anybody get a receipt for a web3 transaction, such as an ENS domain purchase. This was requested in ENS forums but got no response for months because the process of issuing an invoice, which is very common in web2 and was still surprisingly hard in web3. Since its first presentation on an ENS ecosystem call in late October 2022 (and winning New User of the Month in ENS Forums), it’s been significantly enhanced, including the addition of a CSV download option requested on that call, and re-presented.

Receipts commonly show the logo, name, and address of the organization receiving payment, along with some text such as a slogan, disclaimers, or return policy. UnblockReceipts doesn’t do this yet, and there isn’t enough information to do that for all recipients on a public network allowing anonymous participation, but it should be easier than it currently is for organizations like ENS who might actively want to provide a receipt at the end of a transaction workflow to give one. (Example here.) UnblockReceipts’ extensive use of URL parameters makes it possible to automatically generate a link to a simple receipt at the end of a workflow today, but grant funding would help support feature development to make the receipt more customizable by the organizations receiving payment and/or contract interactions, with ENS being the first intended example.

I am assuming hyperlinks aren’t allowed and the full text of the link will have to be pasted in for the on-chain description- is that accurate?


It looks like your banner isn’t in the 1500x500px format the site nominally requires; you may want to fix that to avoid submission surprises!

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Project Name:
Project Website:
Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description: is a privacy-preserving ENS gateway, enabling users to access Ethereum-native dApps and content. LIMO represents a shift in dweb adoption by providing an alternative means of accessing ENS resolvable domains.


Project Name: ENSRedirect

Project Website:

Project Logo:

Project Banner:

ENSRedirect is a tool to help ENS domain holders make the most out of their .eth names. Users can generate and showcase their Web3 profile by seamlessly integrating videos and podcasts from their favorite social platforms, or by easily redirecting their domain to any website – all for free. Hosted on ENS and IPFS!

Our latest feature allows content creators to host their content on their ENS domains by generating their personalized profiles. We embed videos on the profile, allowing users to connect with their audience across all their social media platforms to their ENS domain all on one page.


Project Name: ENS DAO Newsletter
Project Website:
Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description:
A bi-weekly summary of the developments and happenings within ENS, ENS DAO, and its working groups.

The ENS DAO Newsletter started in March 2022 with the objective of providing transparency for ENS and ENS DAO through publication of a bi-weekly newsletter – An easy-to-read summary of the latest news, developments, and discussions designed to reach the widest audience possible.

Since then, we have published 33 editions, and we continue to release new editions on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Additionally, through our Translation Initiative, community-sourced translations of each new edition are published in Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, with even more languages to come as we continue to grow.

The ENS DAO Newsletter editors stay up-to-date with what is happening in ENS and ENS DAO every single day, so you don’t have to. We crawl the forum, bookmark the important tweets, attend the working group calls and Twitter spaces, and ask the important questions to provide our readers with the absolute best source of ENS news and information, as it happens.

We provide a carefully curated summary of the latest governance proposals, working group discussions, protocol developments, calls to action, market news, and all other developments within the wider ENS ecosystem.

If you want to always know what is happening in ENS DAO, but don’t have the time to stay actively involved – don’t worry! That’s what we are here for. Simply read our newsletter and you’ll never miss a thing. It also serves as an archive of every important development that has happened as ENS and ENS DAO grows and evolves.

Subscribers to our Substack get the latest editions emailed directly to them every 1st and 15th, for free.


Thank you for the input!

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Project Name : CCIP2.ETH (Off-chain ENS Records Manager)

Project Website:

Project Logo:

Project Banner

Project Description

The usage of ENS records seems to have plateaued despite their enormous potential to provide a decentralized web3 identity and dweb sites. This is a consequence of very high gas costs associated with adding and updating ENS records on the blockchain. Currently, it costs more gas to set a text record than an entire year’s registration for a 5-character ENS name. While IPNS has reduced the gas costs associated with updating contenthash, other records appear to either be unset or rarely updated once set.

CCIP2.ETH Off-chain ENS Records Manager is designed by Namesys.eth to solve the big $GAS problem by storing the ENS records off-chain on IPFS/IPLD and linking them with user’s on-chain IPNS contenthash. Records stored under IPNS are then resolved by ENSIP-10 CCIP-Read implementation of CCIP2.eth Resolver Contract. Users only have to pay gas fees for initial resolver and IPNS contenthash setup.

CCIP2.ETH uses randomized list of public IPFS gateways so it doesn’t require any centralized web2 gateways to resolve ENS records, and the users are fully in control of their deterministic IPNS keys and data storage. CCIP2.ETH enables fully dynamic record updates as often as possible at zero cost, and only limited by how fast we can pin and propagate IPNS records globally. Users can sign their ENS records to be verified every time before resolving and it’ll reverts if ownership of ENS domain changed recently or in scenarios when public IPFS gateways are under attack.

IPNS private key is deterministically generated on client-side and doesn’t require to be shared with any third-party IPNS service provider. This is made possible by our NIP-111-like deterministic key generation from wallet signatures. CCIP2.ETH also supports use of ENS as Bitcoin lightning address and Nostr (NIP05) social profile.

We believe CCIP2.ETH will completely change how ENS records are updated and consumed in future without any centralized service providers.

Source codes and Docs: Namesys · GitHub

  • Edit: updated links / banner

Project Name:

ENS Data

Project Website:

Project Logo:


Project Banner:

Project Description:

Look up Ethereum Name Service text records for any address and get them back in convenient JSON format.

I’ve created a tiny but powerful headless API that’s free for everyone. Use it in your web3 app or outside of it!

Perfect tool for pre-filling people’s profiles with their ENS records, displaying their avatars in your web3 app, checking people’s social media handles, resolving ENS names to addresses for airdrops, pulling in data into DAO spreadsheets or other productivity apps, you name it…

All without having to set up your own resolvers and running up lots of extra hits on your Infura/Alchemy plan. Small community apps and and nonconventional projects should really benefit from this approach.

Over 250,000 requests served!

ENS Data has served over 250k requests since launch proving to be a useful backbone to web3 infrastructure.

Notable features:

  • Return ENS text records in a JSON format.
  • Find a wallet’s primary ENS by providing an address.
  • Get avatars for wallets.
  • Turn those EIP155:1/ERC721 records into image URLs that can be displayed anywhere.
  • Support for resolving emoji and non-standard Unicode names.
  • Initial requests are cached for 48 hours so subsequent API calls are blazing fast.

What will this grant be used for?

  • Covering expenses of running the infrastructure for providing this API and keeping it free for everyone in the community for many years.
  • Additional improvements and development.
  • Providing support for developers and non-developers wanting to use ENS Data.

Thank you, :two_hearts: ENS!

Gitcoin Transactions


Oh snap! Discovered this thread after submitting my application. Here it is anyway!

Project Name: 3bra :zebra: Your Colorful Web3 Profile
Project Website:
Project Logo:


Project Banner:

Project Description:

TLDR; 3bra is the beginnings of a social network built on ENS! Let’s open source 3bra and get 3bra’s color algorithm integrated into every project in Web3. I need your help ~ 100% of funds raised will go to OS contributors.

What’s 3bra?

3bra is your colorful Web3 social profile built on ENS!

What’s Up With The Colors?

It all began with an insight…

ETH addresses share the same name space as hex color codes! (0-9 & a-f)

So I made an algorithm for encoding ETH addresses in color; I call them Stripes.

Why The Name 3bra?

Speaking of Stripes, zebras have stripes, and this is a Web3 project, so put it all together and we get And luckily no crypto project had claimed the :zebra: emoji.

Stripes = Zebra + Web3 = 3bra

How Do I Create A 3bra Profile?

Every ENS profile automatically has a 3bra profile since the info is pulled from ENS TXT records. Instructions for editing your ENS TXT records can be found here.

What Shows In My 3bra Profile Feed?

3bra makes your recent ETH transaction history a bit more “readable” and if you add your Twitter handle as an ENS TXT record, it pulls in your tweets too! Remember FriendFeed? We could buidl a Web3 version on ENS…

Is 3bra Decentralized?

Not yet, BUT… you can point your ENS domain at your 3bra profile on IPFS using the Content Hash! Then punch yourname.eth into any IPFS supported browser to see it in action. Instructions here. For example: ipns://3bra.eth (in Brave Browser)

What Will The Grant Funds Be Used For?

I’ve taken 3bra as far as I can on my own. 100% of funds raised through the Gitcoin Grants Beta Round will be paid to contributors who help take 3bra to the next level. Next steps include:

  • Open Sourcing 3bra!
  • Deeper IPFS integrations
  • Wallet Connect
  • Tons more…

Join 3bra

DM GΞR₿Z, 3bra on Twitter or join the GM community to get started.


Project Name:
ORG3 - ENS Subdomain-based Organization Management Tool
Project Website:

Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description:

Org3 - ENS Subdomain-Based Organization Management Tool


  • One-liner: ENS subdomain-based organization management tool
  • ETHSF & ETHDenver Finalists
  • Over 100 users have tried org3/member3
  • Link: (goerli)
  • Twitter: @org3_eth

Current Features

  1. Domain owner:
  • Set rules for subname claiming
  • Visualization of community members
  • Airdrop subname to address and batch airdrop subnames through uploading CSV
  1. Users/members:
  • Freely search and explore the domain community
  • Claim/Purchase subnames through the invitation link
  • Visualization of community members

Mission & Vision

We are building an ENS subdomain-based organization management tool, as we believe the ENS subdomain is a safer, cheaper, more intuitive, and more interoperable solution when it comes to DAO and web3 organization management.

We are planning to integrate use cases including payroll, communication (email/instant messaging), access control, file sharing, and more.


  1. Original org3 was created at ETHSF in November. The original version was still accessible at
  2. Org3 internally live in February. Contains key features:
  • Allow domain owner to create subdomain mint rules
  • Allow other people satisfying the rules to mint subnames
  1. M3MBER, Finalists at ETHDenver in March:

ENS namewrapper (ERC-1155) & subname empowered membership protocol w/on-chain expiry.

Key features:

  1. Admin can give out (including bulk airdrop) membership with customized mint & extend membership rules, implemented thru ENS subnames & namewrapper.
  2. Users can get subname membership, extend, transfer & resell them too.
  3. An API (& SDK in the future) for DApp to build subname-gated interaction

Video Demo

Link: Org3 - Demo - YouTube


Project Name:
Project Website:
Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description:


ENS Doc - Share Doc to ENS domains/wallets simply and securely

Simple Product Experiences:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect Wallet
  3. Upload a file you want to share
  4. Type in the wallet holders you want to share this file to (Support ENS name, ENS wildcard resolution, and wallet addresses)
  5. Upload & get the randomized link
  6. Share that link

Project Updates


Support Goerli Testnet, ready at


  1. Now subdomains rules for doc sharing, e.g. share to *.org3.eth (Every address that is a resolved address of any subdomain of org3.eth will be able to access it)
  2. Update UIUX to ‘simple’ file sharing rather than ‘secure’ file sharing as pointed out by @trmidpoint that there is still a way to hack this.

What’s Next?

Better security (signing thru Metamask when trying to access files)
Have a table view to manage files that one share.
Possible integration with other DApp to help them streamline their file-sharing process.


When using Google Docs, I started wondering how to share this file with other ENS stewards in a secure and convenient way (now I’m just making this doc link public). Most of the time we don’t know each web3 fellow’s email address and existing solutions like Skiff are quite heavy, users need to sign up, create an account or an organization, etc. We lack a simple solution in that users can just directly share the file by typing the right addresses/ENS name and sharing with a click.

What’s cool about it

  1. Simple: No need for sign up, simple three steps: upload the file, the type who to share, generate the link
  2. Security: After adding AES encryption & better API call structures, people without file access cannot intercept the real IPFS location the file is saved. (Note: you still need to trust the backend that saved the metadata of the permission and the encrypted IPFS location.)


If you have any feedback/questions, feel free to comment here or DM me on Twitter @julieshi_eth


Project Name: Unruggable Subname Rentals
Project Website:
Project Logo:
Screenshot 2023-04-20 224856

Project Banner:

Project Description:

What are we Building?

We are building a smart contract based system that extends the capabilities of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NameWrapper contract, enabling “unruggable” rentals of .eth domain subnames. The contract allows domain name owners to offer subnames for rent with the assurance of automatic renewals based on predetermined conditions, such as timely payments.

Why is it Necessary?

Our contract provides essential functionality for decentralized and trustless subname rentals in the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) ecosystem. By extending the capabilities of the NameWrapper contract, it addresses the following challenges:

Trustless Rentals: Traditionally, subname rentals involve a certain level of trust between the parent domain name owner and the renter. Or system eliminates this trust requirement by contractually binding renter and rentee to a set of pre-defined conditions.

Customizable Renewal Conditions: Our solution allows parent domain name to specify custom renewal conditions ensuring a transparent and predictable rental experience for both parties.

Streamlined Subname Management: By leveraging the capabilities of the NameWrapper contract, our system simplifies the process of creating, renting, and renewing subnames.

In summary, our system is necessary to promote a more secure, transparent, and efficient rental experience for ENS subnames.


Project Name: SetAvatar.eth
Project Website: SetAvatar.eth
Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description:
SetAvatar is a platform that enables users to set custom avatars for their Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains, by connecting their wallet and selecting an NFT from their collection as a profile picture.

Key Features:

Seamless Wallet Integration: SetAvatar supports easy wallet connectivity, enabling users to link their Ethereum wallets to the platform effortlessly. This allows the platform to fetch all available ENS domains and NFTs associated with the connected wallet.

NFT-Based Avatars: SetAvatar empowers users to showcase their NFT collections by selecting an NFT from their wallet to be set as a profile picture (PFP) for their ENS domain. This not only personalizes the ENS domain but also adds value to the user’s NFT collection.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with a focus on user experience, providing an intuitive and straightforward way for users to customize their ENS domain’s appearance.

Secure and Decentralized: SetAvatar adheres to the principles of decentralization, ensuring that users maintain full control over their digital assets without compromising on security.


Gas Fee Reimbursement Summary

In the interest of all parties the Ecosystem Stewards decided to payout everyone who applied to the ENS Featured Round.

Reimbursement will be completed by end of day Friday.

In aggregate the 49 applicants spent ~1.2 eth to apply to Gitcoin & the ENS Featured Round.

Transaction Confirmation


Project Name: Nextme
Project Website:
Project Logo:

Project Banner:

Project Description:
Nextme is committed to bringing data and social life to life,building a rich Web3 social traffic and distribution portal, aiming to become a social portal and user-generated content (UGC) dating community driven by decentralized relationship protocols.

Nextme mainly serves creators and brand owners. With personalized and exquisite templates, one-stop delivery, and instant sharing of your Web3 social portal, you can connect, create, interact, trade, and make profits in the community square, so that social data rights belong to all holders, so that platform traffic advertising and portrait revenue can be fed back to all active individuals through decentralized agreement settlement.

Nextme has been in public beta for more than a month, and the number of wallet users is close to 100,000. Over 87,700 users have created and shared their own portal, and over 30,300 users have claimed official Social3 DID SBT. At the same time, it has also established cooperation or strategic acceleration relationships with 100+ excellent partners such as ENS, Lens, BNB, OKX, Element, Cointime, Rainbow, thirdweb, JpegPalace, BuidlerDAO, SeeDAO, PermaDAO, TokenPocket, CoolWallet, DeBox, bit, etc. In addition, Nextme also attracted the use and word-of-mouth communication of blue-chip Holders such as BAYC, Azuki, Punks, etc. in the early days, in multiple vertical fields (Crypto & Web3, Brand & IP, NFT, photographers, designers, bloggers, developers, Wallet, DAO, Finance, Infra, etc.) have a certain audience and a number of KOLs (1 million + fans) for trial and fission growth.

For more information, see the official portal
Beta Showcase Gallery


I would like to thank everyone that generously contributed to supporting the ENS DAO Newsletter, despite a period of very high gas fees on the mainnet.

I believe many of those that donated don’t visit these forums… but special shout-out to @cthulu.eth for the legendary contribution! :grin: very much appreciated!

Also thank you Ecosystem stewards for the application gas fee reimbursement.