[Temp Check] ENS NFT Rewards Program: How to Ignite Engagement in the ENS Forum

I am just going to post this here in order to see if this idea has legs to stand on.

We can all agree that the majority of the community, myself included, engages in debate and brainstorming on twitter. Most DAO-related matters, are not discussed outside of these walls, unless they are contentious. In light of this, I thought of a strategy to boost engagement through gamification.

Cue a nft rewards program, which recognises and rewards participation, contribution, etc.

Implementing a reward system, such as NFT rewards program, can be an effective way to increase engagement and excitement around this forum. And it look something likes this:

  1. Design an Engaging Reward Structure: Create a reward system that aligns with the interests of our target audience. Offering NFTs related to web3, ENS, or other relevant themes. Define clear criteria for earning rewards, such as active participation, quality contributions, or reaching specific milestones within the forum.

  2. Partner with NFT Artists or Projects: Collaborate with NFT artists or projects that resonate with the web3 community. Engage them to create exclusive, limited-edition NFTs specifically for your forum’s reward system. This collaboration can help generate excitement and attract participants who are interested in collecting unique digital assets.

  3. Gamify the Experience: Introduce gamification elements to make the forum more engaging. Assign points or levels to users based on their activities, contributions, or time spent on the platform. Create leaderboards to showcase the top contributors, and provide recognition or additional rewards for those who excel in their participation.

  4. Community Voting or Moderation: Involve the community in the reward system by allowing them to vote on the best contributions or discussions. Implement a community-driven moderation system where users can flag or report valuable content, and those that receive positive feedback can earn additional rewards.

  5. Exclusive Access and Benefits: Offer exclusive benefits or features to users who actively participate in the forum. This can include access to exclusive content, early announcements, web3-related resources, or special events. Providing unique perks encourages users to remain engaged and motivates others to join the community.

  6. Regular Reward Distribution: Set up a schedule for distributing rewards to participants. This can be done weekly, monthly, or based on specific criteria. Regular and predictable reward distribution helps maintain interest and provides an ongoing incentive for continued engagement.

  7. Promote the Reward System: Actively promote the reward system across different channels, including social media platforms, web3 communities, and relevant forums. Highlight the benefits of participating in the discuss forum and emphasize the exclusive NFT rewards as an incentive to join and contribute.

(The rewards should enhance the engagement and encourage meaningful interactions rather than solely focusing on earning rewards. With careful implementation, a reward system centered around NFTs or similar incentives can help drive excitement and increase participation in this forum.)


Interesting idea. I’m down to work towards exploring it further and structuring it and making it feasible with precise details on how to implement it.

It’d be cool to see a monthly contribution spotlight award go to someone from the discussion forum for posting something of value to the ENS, or the ecosystem, or a random act of kindness towards a fellow builder, or something of that nature. Commemorated with an NFT (or a POAP, people love POAPs) minted every month and a shoutout from the ENS DAO.


That’s definitely the spirit I envisioned for this initiative.
Last year, ENS DAO with Labs (I believe), spearheaded the Galaxy nft project. It was short lived unfortunately.
Maybe here we can go beyond and start a almost Reddit like experience with rewards and karma points. It would be a great shot at onchain reputation as well.


So like what LooksRare are doing with BAYC and Azuki raffles as the incentive hypothetically, and the rewards system being structured on the premise that these NFT’s will be desired and a peoples desire for those NFT’s will lift engagement within DAO?

I think we need something more agile, a co-innovative cross chain (value chain) solution here.

An example could be greater cooperation between IETF and ENS (ERC 137) on EIP’s.

Bring people into the technical stuff with resources from IETF, ENS, Chainlink etc and let’s all work on neutral grounds forward looking.

And bring people from around the world. Work demographics into this. More people from India and China participating here would be easier no?

Anyway, not to slam the idea, I just don’t think an NFT incentive is worth building a rewards system for the DAO participation.

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Thank you for you contribution!

I’d counter by saying, it doesn’t need to be akin to what looksrare is doing with blue chip nft raffles.
But something way more simple and to the point.

The same way this forum already rewards users for their posts by giving members badges in order to signal members forum activity and frequency of posts, in the same vein we can extend that to an nft badge that can be used to signal that same activity but in the Blockchain, and more importantly outside of these walls.

That alone, imo, would be enough to spur more contributions and sense of community.

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I think that issuing ENS Tokens to participating members makes the most sense. If anything…

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It could be an option.
I just feel that an nft collection would be less transactional, if that makes sense.

Not too sure what you are inferring by ‘less transactional’. In regards to cost, time and labor; creating an NFT collection would be more of a cost to the DAO. Issuing ENS Tokens based on a degree of participation using a sort of vector would be the most viable of any option. Mainly with an NFT collection; for the most part, NFT collections are just a an NFT collection and wouldn’t provide much use unless created a use case for them. Creating a use case when there isn’t a particular need for such usually turns out to be—.

ENS tokens would be the best.

  • There is already an abundance of supply.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Integrated into ecosystem.
  • Would encourage participation and discussion continuously.
  • Help establish a basis for new voter opinion.
  • Retains investment (time–not monetarily) in the greater good of ENS interests.
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I think it would be better to have nft badge collection. In order to combat the financial incentive.
That’s why I talked about being less transactional; since nfts tend to be iliquid, whereas ens tokens can be liquidated easily.
But I don’t know. I’m open to discuss all options