ENS DAO Newsletter #31 - 03/15/2023

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Hello and welcome to the Ethereum Name Service DAO Newsletter!

New editions are published on the 1st and 15th of every month.

This newsletter is available on the ENS DAO Governance Forum and Substack.

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:newspaper: Newsletter Updates


:spiral_calendar: ENS Calendar

For the most up-to-date schedule of events, refer to the ENS Calendar.
Any other sources are not guaranteed to be accurate.


:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

Status Proposal Discussion Vote
Passed [EP3.4] [Executable] Fund the Endowment (first tranche) Link Tally
Draft [Executable] Activate new .eth controller and new Reverse Registrar Link N/A

For details on the ENS DAO proposal process see our Governance Docs.


:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem Updates

ENS Small Grants | ensgrants.xyz

ENS Ecosystem and Public Goods funding rounds are now open for submission and will be closing this Friday, March 17th. The five top-voted projects from each round will be eligible for 1 ETH each.

Submit your project now.


Bug Bash | ENS Manager App

Thanks to all those who contributed to the ENS Manager App bug bash. Winners will be announced during the Ecosystem Working Group call on Thursday, March 23rd.

More information here.


ETHDenver | Community Wrap Up

ETHDenver 2023 was a gathering to remember; stewards from all three working groups were in attendance together with members of the ENS Labs core team.

667 domains set their ENS avatar between March 2nd and March 5th; 242 people collected the ENS POAP; 157 people came to the Cooper Lounge – all with an ENS domain.

ETH Denver 2023 was an unforgettable experience that energized and inspired us. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for ENS DAO and the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole, and we look forward to continuing to connect with and learn from our fellow community members. – Limes.eth


Forbes | How Ethereum Shapes Identity

Chris Castiglione of CONSOLE DAO published an editorial discussing the future of identity with Ethereum, featuring ENS as a center point of discussion:

The Ethereum Name System (ENS) offers users a decentralized, human-readable naming system that maps Ethereum wallet addresses to ENS names. These names, such as “castig.eth,” offer users a secure and private way to identify themselves online, without having to remember long, complicated wallet addresses. ENS operates in a similar way to domain names and is based on blockchain and cryptographic technologies. The aim is to create a global passport for the internet that offers users self-sovereign identity, meaning they own their identities instead of renting them. ENS Labs and the Ethereum Foundation have sponsored the Sign-in With Ethereum initiative to provide an open-source alternative to traditional login verification services from companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google. Other competitors in the self-sovereign identity naming space include BNS and Lens, but ENS is the largest and best established, with over 2.7 million active ENS names held by 663,000 participants. – Forbes, 2023


Lucemans.eth | Lightning Talk @ ETHDenver

ENS Labs Developer Relations lead, @lucemans.eth, gave a talk during ETHDenver at Spruce ID’s Decentralized Identity space. The recording is available for viewing now.


:newspaper: Working Group News

For Q1/Q2 2023, the lead stewards for each working group are:

The responsibilities of lead stewards are set out in Rule 8.7 of the Working Group Rules.


ENS DAO Working Group Schedule (Q1/Q2 2023):

Working Group Time Day Location
Meta-Governance 3pm UTC Tuesday Google Meet
ENS Ecosystem 4pm UTC Thursday Google Meet
Public Goods 5pm UTC Thursday Google Meet


:hammer: Meta-Governance

Note: Meta-Governance weekly meetings are now hosted at 3pm UTC every Tuesday.

The Meta-Governance working group hosted its weekly meeting on March 7th at 6pm UTC and March 14th at 3pm UTC.


Financial Reporting

Steakhouse, in conjunction with Karpatkey, prepared a financial report of the ENS Endowment. While their mandate is limited, they plan to provide a more holistic view of ENS financials overall. They plan to offer a real-time dashboard on Dune Analytics and have offered up accounting documentation as well.

View the report here.


:seedling: ENS Ecosystem

The Ecosystem working group hosted its weekly meeting on March 9th at 4PM UTC.


ENS Project Highlights

ethereumdegen.eth | ENS Domain Indexer

  • The indexer is a way to retrieve data about the status of ENS domains and evaluates how domains will look pre and post release of name wrapper.
  • A solution to identify and store primary names pre-name wrapper was discussed.

@julieshi.eth | M3MBER

  • M3MBER utilizes subdomains as a way to signify membership as a subscription. You can customize the length of time someone owns a subdomain.
  • M3MBER’s management platform makes it easy to manage permissions across all your subdomains.
  • You can also allow users to purchase and extend subdomains from the platform.

Matoko.eth | DAO Alliances

  • @matoken.eth’s forum post discusses DAOs that had the highest percentage of voters with their ENS domain set using a Dune Analytics dashboard.
  • An onboarding package for DAOs is being developed to help identify voters and make discourse more personal with domains and avatars set. Reach out to Makoto if you wish to help with this initiative.


:high_brightness: Public Goods

The Public Goods working group hosted its weekly meeting on March 9th at 5pm UTC.


Small Grants Recipients:

Bishara | Arabic Web3 Education

  • Bishara has over 12 hours of Web3 and Ethereum-related educational videos on youtube, specifically featuring content in Arabic.
  • He is motivated by speaking the Arabic language and wanting to share his knowledge with the community.
  • Topics include Web3 and blockchain basics, wallets, Metamask and information on NFT marketplaces.
  • Running a Telegram channel with over 1300 subscribers, fully in Arabic.


Isaac | Launching a Token Engineering Grants Program

  • Token Engineering Commons studies and designs cryptoeconomic systems.
  • They are launching a grants program in late March to support new initiatives in the token engineering ecosystem.


Ethereum Name Service Improvement Proposal: The Flock Watcher (ENSIP14)

  • This ENSIP measures how much other apps contribute to the ecosystem by tracking registration events.
  • It reserves a portion of the secret commit hash as an identifier to track where names are registered from.


:gear: Integrations

Spuce ID | SSX

ENS domains can now test SSX Quest to experiment with on-chain identity and data management. Beta testers are also eligible to plant a tree!

Learn more here.


Mises Browser

Mises Browser has integrated support for searching ENS domain names directly through the browser address bar or via hyperlink, to access its registered IPFS/IPNS content.

Mises Browser download


Aragon Project

Every DAO launched on Aragon is now able to obtain a dao.eth subdomain. Aragon is a modular, adaptable and lightweight tech stack for DAOs.

Try it now.


Uniswap Mobile Wallet

The Uniswap Mobile Wallet is now available as a limited early release for download through Apple TestFlight. Seamlessly send and receive ERC-20 tokens between Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and more.

Sign up for early access here.



Nerwo enables safe, secure, anonymous payments for freelancers and contractors; a new on-boarding experience using ENS is now available for preview.

Learn more here.


:loudspeaker: Name Wrapper Update

@jefflau.eth posted the draft executable proposal to activate the new .eth controller and reverse registrar that will go along with the new Name Wrapper deploy on mainnet.

Review it here.


:lock: Security Tip

There has been a recent influx of promoted advertisements for crypto scams on Twitter.

The ads appear to be from reputable names including Optimism, zkSync, Ocean, and more, and almost always claim to announce some type of airdrop or giveaway.

These are fake news.

:warning: REMEMBER

  • NEVER give your private seed phrase to anyone, or enter it into any website, for any reason. Your seed phrase has the same function as your password, and with it an attacker is granted complete access to your crypto assets.
  • There is no second airdrop! Anything that says there is - even in what appears to be from a legitimate source - is lying to you, and wants to steal your crypto!


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