Term 4 Grants - Summary

Term 4 Grants

Ecosystem Working Group grants support projects and builders contributing to the ENS ecosystem. The vast majority of grant funding is done retroactively based on proof of work.

This thread serves as an ongoing summary of grants by Ecosystem Working Group for the fourth term.

This is not the place to request grants – To request a grant please fill out the deform: ENS Ecosystem Working Group Grants.

Reach out to @slobo.eth - twitter, @Limes - twitter, and @184.eth - twitter with questions.

Project discussion occurs on the weekly ecosystem calls, which often proceed grant approvals.

Prior term grants summary threads:
- Term 2 - Grant Summary
- Term 3 - Grant Summary


ENS DAO Newsletter


  • Project Title: ENS DAO Newsletter
  • Project Lead: Marcus @estmcmxci
  • Vintage Date: 03/01/2022
  • Description: A bi-weekly summary of the latest news and developments from ENS Labs, ENS DAO and the ENS community
  • Format: Published bi-weekly (Tuesday) at 11 AM Eastern Time.
  • Distribution: The forum, ENS socials (tl;dr), and Paragraph.


  • Researching, writing, and publishing bi-weekly newsletter editions, ensuring consistent and informative updates to the community.
  • Provide a source of archival information to ensure that ENS information is dated, available, and easily searchable.
  • Editorials and other initiatives to be considered on an ad-hoc basis, based on their potential impact and relevance.


ENS DAO Newsletter’s primary objective will be to ensure consistent and informative updates to the community, as well as creating a comprehensive and accessible archive of past editions. ENS DAO Newsletter has a history of being the source of the most pertinent, results-driven developments in ENS and the broader Ethereum ecosystem and we look to continue that effort.

As Marcus (@estmcmxci) continues to lead the newsletter, they will be responsible for researching, writing, and publishing the content. Compensation for all contributors will come from the newly created newsletter multi-sig, as specified in the funding request document.

By prioritizing archival content and strategic accessibility, the ENS DAO Newsletter aims to deliver valuable and relevant updates to the community while ensuring the preservation and accessibility of its content for future reference and use.

Contact Information

For questions or clarifications:

Additional Resources

Steward Commentary

The ENS Ecosystem stewards have allocated an 18,000 USDC grant to the ENS DAO Newsletter.
The ENS DAO Newsletter serves as an informative communication channel for the ENS and broader Ethereum communities. We support the newsletter’s focus on providing both current updates and searchable archives. The grant acknowledges the ongoing work of Marcus and the Newsletter team.


What is ETH.LIMO?

eth.limo is a privacy-preserving ENS gateway, enabling users to access Ethereum-native dApps and content. Limo represents a shift in dWeb adoption by providing an alternative means of accessing ENS resolvable domains.

Limo takes public gateway services a step further by enforcing strong privacy guarantees such as never logging IP addresses or engaging in TCP fingerprinting. Limo actively blocks FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). This is a Google developed algorithm that tracks and correlates users based on their browsing history. FLoC enables advanced fingerprinting capabilities and greatly undermines online privacy and anonymity.

Project Updates

.art name resolution support

We’re excited to announce that we have added resolution support for .art names. This new feature allows .art domain holders to directly resolve contenthash records on chain, using their .art DNS names. Documentation can be found here: https://github.com/ethlimo/documentation/blob/master/art/config.md

1w3.eth IPFS pinning

We love working with other ecosystem projects and as a result we have partnered with Hidayath @1w3 to provide IPFS pinning on our gateway nodes for 1w3 user generated content. This adds an additional layer of redundancy on the IPFS network and provides an accelerated user experience for eth.limo resolution and content delivery.

Reduced caching TTLs and synchronous cache expiry

As a result of backend optimizations and our WAGBI grant (thank you Alchemy) we have been able to reduce our contenthash cache TTL from 15m to 10m. This means that we now fetch the latest ENS record updates 30% faster. We expect to be able to eventually lower this to 5m by the end of the year, for a 66% improvement. Additionally we now synchronously invalidate and expire caches across all of our nodes, resulting in eventual consistency within 10s.

Traffic updates

ENS dWebsite traffic continues to grow unabated. At the time of writing we are now serving up to 1.5M requests per hour which is ~1300% higher than a year ago! These dWebsites can be blogs, resumes, dApps and more.

Future endeavours

We’re busy working on the following updates & new features:

  • Multi-region CDN deployment (better performance and reliability)
  • Multi-region IPFS clustering
  • ENS resolution manager app
  • ENS native DNS resolver in anticipation of the .eth TLD being welcomed into the ICANN gTLD namespace

Previous Updates
General Documentation
Gateway Basics
DoH Resolver
Using eth.limo with IPFS (Kubo)

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding ETH.LIMO with 25 ETH & 50,000 USDC in grant funding.
ETH.LIMO continues to be foundational infrastructure for ENS ecosystem. Previous comments have discussed the demand, cost, and challenges associated with running their service.
This year web traffic to dwebsites increased by 1,300% alongside increased attention on scalability and performance. Recent developments aim to expand functionality and their service is targeting a diverse user base through collaborations and partnerships with other ENS Ecosystem builders.
We have confidence in ETH.LIMO’s forward looking stance, which is marked by dedication and their having a deep understanding of the space.
ETH.LIMO establish themselves as a pivotal player within the ENS and Ethereum ecosystems. The grant acknowledges the project’s and team’s contribution.



NameSys is introducing an innovative solution for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) users to store their ENS records off-chain in a gasless and autonomous manner. By combining IPNS and CCIP-Read, NameSys allows users to enjoy free ENS record updates and dynamic avatars. This unique approach addresses the long-standing issue of high gas costs associated with on-chain updates, making it accessible to ENS enthusiasts of all levels.

The NameSys infrastructure uses a custom resolver called CCIP2, which reads off-chain records from IPNS. Since hosting sensitive records on centralised servers poses significant trust concerns, NameSys designed a non-custodial and secure solution for IPNS record storage. Users can securely generate IPNS keypairs using wallet signatures and a provided password. The IPNS private key is used to host off-chain records without sharing it with any third-party service, ensuring data integrity.

The platform’s exciting features, like dynamic avatars and programmable addresses, open up new possibilities for users. The team is actively working on additional enhancements, such as private payments to ENS names and dApp store redirects.

Overall, NameSys provides a game-changing solution for ENS users, enabling free and secure off-chain record management. With its focus on security, autonomy, and dynamic possibilities, NameSys aims to transform the ENS community’s experience, making free and secure records forever accessible to all users.

GitHub: NameSys.eth · GitHub
Specification: SPECS.md
User Guide: GUIDE.md
Clients: .XYZ | .ETH

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding NameSys with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
NameSys uses IPNS and CCIP-Read for offchain ENS record storage, which aims to address adoption pain points like high onchain update costs and centralised data storage risks. Their continued plans include adding features designed to increase ENS adoption. The grant acknowledges their ongoing work.


What are we building?

A linktree alternative for the decentralized web. Your personal, censorship-resistant hub to showcase your unique identity and creations. With your own Web3 domain, you’ll have complete control over your digital presence, free from centralized control. Effortlessly integrate your social profiles, portfolio, blog, NFTs, videos, podcasts, photos, calendar, and more, all on a single, customizable page.

Developments post term 3 grants

Rebuilt the link in bio builder from scratch based on on community feedback.
IPNS integration to save gas fee.
choose between IPFS or IPNS to set contenthash.
SEO ready decentralised website building.
Build websites for others.
Sub domains and wrapped domains support.
Arweave integration - build a permanent website.
Creators program - Convert decentralised website into a NFT(template)
Set Resolver for names if not exist
Audio, video, pdf and other files can be added to ENS websites
Image galley to share images.
Youtube, vimeo and twitch video integration


Gasless website building - update website infinite times without gas fee
Now, updating a website has become gasless on 1W3! Users can effortlessly set their IPNS key as the contenthash for their Linktree or website directly from our platform. This revolutionary update transforms 1W3 into a decentralized CMS (Content Management System) for ENS.

How does it work? Users can conveniently edit and update their websites as many times as needed without incurring any gas fees. This is made possible through the IPNS key automation feature on our platform.

When a user makes edits and publishes the changes to IPFS, our platform seamlessly connects the latest IPFS CID to the corresponding ENS name’s IPNS key. This means that users no longer have to manually perform any steps. Their website changes will automatically appear when they visit their ENS Linktree or website.

With this gasless update feature, 1W3 offers users a hassle-free experience for maintaining and updating their decentralized websites. Say goodbye to gas fees and enjoy the convenience of automatic website updates on the ENS platform!

Build websites for others

Are you interested in building decentralized linktrees or websites for others? Now it’s possible with 1W3! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. The owner of an ENS domain needs to grant you the role of manager for their domain.
  2. With the manager role, you can proceed to build a customized website or linktree for the owner.
  3. Once the website is created, you can publish it to IPFS+IPNS and connect it to the owner’s ENS domain from 1W3 domain connect option, ensuring seamless accessibility.
  4. After the website is successfully connected, you can then transfer the ownership and management of the domain back to the original owner.
  5. At this point, the website is built, and the ENS domain is fully transferred to the owner, giving them complete control over their online presence.

This process allows you to leverage the power of ENS and its decentralized nature to assist others in establishing their online platforms. By temporarily assuming the role of a manager, you can create and connect the website, and then seamlessly hand over ownership back to the domain owner, ensuring their autonomy and control.

Set resolver for domain Users often encounter difficulties when building websites for ENS names whose resolvers are not set. One particular challenge arises when setting the contenthash for these names. To address this issue, we have developed a solution on our platform to make the process seamless.

When users attempt to connect their ENS domain with their website by setting the IPFS/IPNS CID, our platform performs a thorough check. If it identifies that the resolver for the domain has not been set, we prompt the user to set the resolver by paying the necessary gas fee.

Once the user successfully pays the gas fee, the latest resolver is automatically set for the domain. Consequently, the website goes live after the contenthash is properly configured.

By providing this streamlined option for setting the contenthash and resolver, we aim to simplify the website building process for users facing resolver-related challenges. Our platform ensures a smooth experience and enables users to seamlessly connect their ENS domain to their website.

Introducing Website as Templates NFT - Empowering Creativity, Community, and Decentralized Website Building

Step into the realm of boundless web design possibilities with our extraordinary collection of 1W3 Templates NFT. Each template has been meticulously crafted by our talented and diverse community of creators, ensuring a rich tapestry of unique and captivating web designs.

Immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds. Our 1W3 Templates NFT collection brings together the collective brilliance of designers from all corners of the globe. Each template represents a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to captivate and engage audiences across the digital landscape.

Through our visionary platform, you’ll have access to a decentralized website building experience like no other. Seamlessly integrate your 1W3 Templates NFT into our cutting-edge no-code website builder, where you can effortlessly customize every aspect of your site. From layout and typography to color schemes and interactive elements, your creative vision is brought to life with unparalleled freedom.

Embrace the potential of blockchain technology as you proudly showcase your ownership of these unique templates. With each 1W3 Templates NFT you possess, you become a participant in the decentralized web revolution. Join a thriving ecosystem of creators, collectors, and innovators who value artistic expression and the true ownership of digital assets.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the 1W3 Templates NFT movement. Join us today and unlock a world of limitless possibilities, where community, creativity, and decentralization converge in the realm of web design.

Awesome decentralised ENS websites built by community

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding 1W3 with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
With its focus on IPNS, Arweave integration, and user experience enhancements, 1W3 is contributing to name utilisation and adoption in the ecosystem. Their no-code solution for building Web3 sites stands out and this grant recognises their building.



Fluidkey is simplifying onchain privacy by allowing users to receive payments into stealth addresses with their ENS.

With our offchain resolver, users can set an ENS which returns a new private address every time it is called. All addresses returned are fully self-custodial and can only be controlled by the end user. The Fluidkey interface aggregates these payments and enables users to manage their private funds as they would with any wallet.


We successfully demonstrated that an offchain resolver can return stealth addresses on behalf of a user at ETH Rome earlier this month. Our project was recognized by ENS, Base, and the event’s judges.

Link to the demo

We are now building a first production-ready version to be released in closed alpha in Q4 this year and public beta in Q1 2024. We are very excited by the enthusiasm we have received from the ENS community and are looking forward to contributing to the community with Fluidkey!


Join the waitlist at fluidkey.com to receive updates on our release and be part of the first Fluidkey users.


Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding Fluidkey with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
Fluidkey aims to simplify onchain privacy by enabling users to receive payments into stealth addresses via their ENS. Fluidkey has shown viability in a recent hackathon. We consider this a clever and novel feature that benefits the ecosystem. We look forward to seeing how Fluidkey evolves.


Fast ENS API for web3 apps

I’ve integrated ENS resolving into several projects now (both my own and as a contributor/collaborator), but found the standard approach of querying ENS contracts directly to be quite slow for most use cases, and can quickly eat up Alchemy/Infura node resources if you’re not careful.

To help with this, I built an incredibly fast API (thanks to Cloudflare’s edge caching) for resolving and reverse-resolving ENS names and addresses and avatars (30-50ms with a warm cache).

API docs are here: About ENS Ideas
And open source code here: GitHub - holic/ens-ideas


This is already in use in the following projects and processing millions of ENS queries per month:

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding ENS Ideas with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
Their API aids in providing quick response times to resolve and reverse-resolve ENS names and addresses, while also saving users unnecessary resource drain. Their open source API is already integrated into multiple platforms and has undeniable use cases across various applications. The grant recognises this and supports ongoing development.


Wildcard Labs

Mission Statement:

Boosting Adoption: Create tools and platforms that actively contribute to the increased adoption of ENS domains and records, making them an essential component of the decentralized web.

Our Projects:

In line with our commitment to make ENS more user-friendly and widely adopted, we’re excited to share the impact of our work through the following projects:

  1. Avatarsync: Enables users to sync their social media profiles with their ENS avatars, ensuring automatic updates whenever their profile pictures change on platforms like Twitter, Lens Protocol and Farcaster.
  2. ENSRegistry Twitter Bot: Posts real-time updates on all ENS names registered to Twitter, promoting transparency and awareness within the community. Live since Jan 2022, the bot has posted 535,873 times, that’s over 2 million names.
  3. Optinames: Introduces ENS subdomains on the Optimism network, expanding the ENS ecosystem to Layer 2 solutions.
  • A substantial 7,723 Optimism users have successfully acquired free ENS sub-names via Optinames.
  • 25,484 ENS sub-names have been registered on OP Mainnet.
  1. ENS Redirect: Allows users to point their ENS domains to traditional Web2 URLs, bridging the gap between decentralized and centralized web experiences.
  2. Wildcards Protocol BETA : Links ENS to NFT collections on any EVM chain, providing instant sub-domains to NFT holders without the need for individual claims/registrations.
  • 7 NFT communities have been onboarded on OP chain. Check them out.
    (OptiChads, Apetimism, Tickled Picklez, Optimistic Bunnies, Optimism Quests, Deggkies Optimism, HyperChads)
  • 3 NFT collections have been onboarded on Base.
    (Tiny Based Frogs, Base Wars, Summer Kevin)

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding Wildcard Labs with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
Wildcard labs has demonstrated initiatives and tools with proven community engagement and metrics. Their work to create user-friendly tools enables all types of users and their L2 work is contributing to ecosystem reach. This grant recognises their continued work.


Independent ecosystem contributions

ENSTools.com / ETHTools.com - Tooling for developers and users of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to simplify onboarding and interfacing with core ENS smart contracts.

Specific popular tools include:

  • ENS Whois - a whois tool for ENS with support for data retrieval / resolution.
  • ENS Hash Generator - a tool for generating the various hashes / encodings required for interfacing with core ENS contracts.
  • NameWrapper Sandbox - a tool with interfacing with the NameWrapper on the Goerli test net to allow developers to get to grips with the associated complexities.

Labelhash.com - A bulk research and management tool for ENS names.

  • Bulk register/renew
  • Expiration/availability notifications
  • Extensive tagging/filtering/search options

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding Thomas Clowes with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
Thomas is a valued contributor to the ENS, including their work building tools which enable developers and users to more easily interact with ENS Smart Contracts. These efforts enhance the usability and adoption of ENS. We acknowledge his ongoing support for ENS builder and projects and look forward to what is next!


Arbitrum Integration for the EVM Gateway


During EthGlobal, I developed ENS Gateway :heart: Arbitrum. This project empowers the EVMGateway to fetch data from Arbitrum using CCIP-Read, allowing developers in the Arbitrum ecosystem to seamlessly connect their dApps with ENS.

How it Works:

I introduced two new packages to the EVMGateway – an “Arbitrum Gateway” package capable of retrieving data from the Arbitrum chain, and an “Arbitrum Verifier” package designed to verify the data returned from the “Arbitrum Gateway” on-chain. Both packages are constructed on top of the EVMVerifier Framework, ensuring seamless compatibility with the rest of the EVMGateway. A more in-depth explanation of the inner workings can be found in my presentation during the November 30th ecosystem call or in the slides provided below.

Scope of Work:

The submission contains:

  • Development of the Arbitrum Gateway Server
  • Development of the Arbitrum Verifier Smart Contract
  • Adaptation of the existing test suite covering optimism to Arbitrum
  • Adjustment of deployment scripts


For further inquiries, please reach out to me on Telegram @alex24596.

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding alex245.eth with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
Alex has restrucutred ENS code to develop the EVM Gateway for developers in the Arbitrum ecosystem. This grant acknowledges the impact and the proactive effort.


1W3 A linkstree alternative for the decentralized web. Your personal, censorship-resistant hub to showcase your unique identity and creations. With your own Web3 domain, you’ll have complete control over your digital presence, free from centralized control. Effortlessly integrate your social profiles, portfolio, blog, NFTs, videos, podcasts, photos, calendar, and more, all on a single, customizable page.
Twitter Website

We’ve achieved notable success with over 1500 user signups and the creation of more than 1800 decentralised ‘link-in-bio’ websites with 55GB decentralised storage utilisation.

BUILDathon #1 competition
This competition challenges participants to build groundbreaking decentralized ENS websites using the 1W3 platform.
We successfully completed the competition and Big congratulations to all six winners of our first-ever Builathon! they collectively won a total of $1150! :trophy:
Thanks to @validator.eth and @evanmoyer.eth for adding another $600 to cash prize, they gifting an additional $100 to each of our six winners!

Solutions built and made open source by team 1W3

1W3 - ENS Website Resolver:

Webstore URL: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/1w3-ens-website-resolver/mjjndfhdgdafdonmmpbmddiginkbclmi

Github URL: GitHub - 1w3io/1W3-ENS-Website-Resolver: Gateway to the decentralised web.

Description: a Chrome extension designed to be your portal to the decentralised web (dWeb). It enables effortless resolution of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) .eth domains, providing users with seamless access to decentralised content.
Key Features:

  1. Direct .eth Domain Resolution: Users can simply type a .eth domain into their browser’s address bar to access the associated decentralised website. The extension eliminates the need for technical workarounds, making the process straightforward and user-friendly.
  2. Integration with @ethlimo.eth’s DoH API: The extension leverages Eth.limo’s Domain over HTTPS (DoH) API to efficiently fetch the corresponding IPFS hash or Arweave link associated with a .eth domain.
  3. IPFS and Arweave Support: It supports content retrieval from both IPFS and Arweave networks, ensuring that users can access a wide range of decentralised content.
  4. Privacy-Conscious and Minimal Permissions: Designed with user privacy in mind, the extension does not collect or store user data. It requires only essential permissions for its operation, ensuring a secure browsing experience.
  5. Recent Searches: The extension maintains a list of recently visited .eth domains, allowing users to quickly revisit their favorite decentralised websites.
  6. Custom Gateway Option: Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred IPFS gateway, enhancing the customisation and user experience.


  • GitHub URL: ENSrecords.xyz
  • Description: A Node.js application that serves as a JSON API using the ENSjs library. It provides an efficient way to retrieve ENS records in JSON format by simply entering the ENS name.
  • Utility: ENSrecords.xyz addresses this challenge by offering a user-friendly API. This tool simplifies the process of accessing ENS domain records, eliminating the need to delve into blockchain complexities. By using a straightforward HTTP request to an endpoint like https://ensrecords.xyz/nick.eth , users can easily obtain the information they need.
  • Ease of Access: The API makes ENS records readily accessible, streamlining the process for developers and users to retrieve vital data linked to an ENS domain.
  • Simple HTTP API: Offering a simple HTTP-based interface, ENSrecords.xyz facilitates easy integration into various applications. Developers can seamlessly incorporate ENS data without needing in-depth knowledge of blockchain interactions, making the API an invaluable tool for a wide range of projects.

What’s Next

Decentralised Blogging:
Using 1W3, creating a blog similar to vitalik.eth.limo becomes straightforward and seamless, allowing ENS users to engage with their audience through rich, long-form content that is as easy to publish as it is to read.

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding 1W3 with 10,000 USDC in additional grant funding.
With new developments making it easier for decentralized web access and record retrieval the 1W3 team are demonstrating their commitment to enriching and developing the ENS ecosystem. We acknowledge their initiatives, utilization and integrations with ecosystem partners. This grant recognizes their work and continued building to make decentralized web accessible.



Mission: Make crypto simpler and safer.

Product: Shortcuts

Send ETH to human-readable contracts to bridge, swap, stake, mint, and more directly from your wallet.

Examples (Send ETH from Mainnet)

  • toArbitrum.eth: Instant bridge to Arbitrum.
  • toBase.eth: Instant bridge to Base.
  • stake.onLido.eth: Earn yield via Lido + Curve.
  • ETHtoUSDC.eth: Swap ETH for USDC.
  • aave.onArb.eth: Top up ETH collateral on AAVE ETH vault.


  • No Phishing Risk: Users from novice to expert are falling to phishing scams, this year alone hundreds of millions have been lost. Shortcuts are ENS intents
  • Ease of Use: Simply type in or copy a Shortcut name into the “Send To” field in your wallet and the Shortcut does the rest.
  • Rewarding: Shortcut point system rewards creators and users of Shortcuts.



Useful Links

Thank you

Thank you to the stewards of the ENS ecosystem. We strongly believe in your mission of decentralized identity which is undoubtedly paving the road for mass adoption.

Steward Commentary

ENS Ecosystem stewards are awarding OnThis.xyz with 10,000 USDC in grant funding.
Their use of ENS names and named contracts offer simple and safe ways to bridge, stake and exchange, showcasing the power of ENS names and contributing to wider adoption. We acknowledge their metrics, sharing of ENS solutions, and look forward to seeing their development and impact.


Ecosystem Working Group Closeout

The stewards would like to thank contributors for their hard work and dedication to ENS. This has been an incredible term.

There are many exciting areas of crypto that talented contributors can support, we appreciate you choosing to build on ENS.

In recognition of your historic efforts to ENS, the Ecosystem Working Group is equipping you with 1,000 ENS DAO Governance tokens.

We hope this encourages deeper involvement with ENS.

The following will receive 1,000 ENS governance tokens.

  1. ENS DAO Newsletter - estmcmxci.eth
  2. ETH.LIMO - ethlimo.eth
  3. NameSys - namesys.eth
  4. 1W3 - hidayath.eth
  5. FluidKey - moritz
  6. Fast ENS API for web3 apps - frolic.eth
  7. Wildcard Labs - stevegachau.eth
  8. Various Contributions - clowes.eth
  9. Arbitrum Integration for the EVM Gateway - alex245.eth
  10. OnThis.xyz - igoryuzo.eth
  11. ENS Fellow - premm.eth

The above list are term 4 rolling grant recipients plus a term 4 fellow.