2024 1H Budget: ENS Ecosystem Working Group


The Ecosystem Stewards have allocated a $994k budget for H1 2024, with existing multisig balances covering expected expenses, eliminating the need for a DAO funding request at this time.

Budget Breakdown

Category USDC ETH Total ($)
Hackathons 300k 0.0 300k
Bug Bounty 275k 0.0 275k
Grants 150k 30.0 219k
Audit Support 100k 0.0 100k
Other 100k 0.0 100k
Total 925k 30 $994k


In 2024 we plan to participate in the following:

With other events to be added as needed.

Bug Bounty Program

The bug bounty program is transitioning to Immunefi pending final contract terms, expected by H1 2024. The Ecosystem Working Group will replenish Immunefi’s funds to $275k upon any payout.


The Ecosystem Working Group supports projects and builders contributing to the ENS ecosystem through grants. The vast majority of these grants are awarded retroactively, based on proof of work. An illustrative example of such funding can be found here. This budget line item also includes small grants distributed via ensgrants.xyz.

Audit Support

Open source ENS projects are enhanced by audits, primarily aimed at protocol-level improvements.


Catch all category that includes IRL events, support mods, and archival content, such as the newsletter.

Balances as of January 28, 2024

Multisigs USDC ETH Total ($)
Main Ecosystem Wallet 657.7k 173.5 1.1m
Hackathon 267.7k 19.8 313.2k
IRL 7.8k 8.7 27.8k
Merch Store 35.3k 4.9 46.6k
Newsletter 9.0k 0.0 9k
Total 977.6k 206.9 $1.5m

Balance information can be found at https://enswallets.xyz/

1ETH = 2,300 USDC