Appointment of ENS Foundation Director


Brantly Millegan has communicated that he would like to resign as a director of the ENS Foundation. As per Brantly’s notice to the ENS Foundation, his resignation will take effect following the appointment of a new director.

The DAO may appoint a new director of the ENS Foundation pursuant to Article 15 of the Articles of Association of the ENS Foundation.

A new director will be appointed following a nomination process and election. Following the outcome of the election, notice will be served to the ENS Foundation to appoint the new director.

General information about the roles and responsibilities of ENS Foundation directors can be found in this thread. Nominees should seek independent legal advice before nominating themselves to be a director of the ENS Foundation. More information about the ENS Foundation can be found here.

Nomination Process

If you would like to nominate yourself to be a director of the ENS Foundation, the nomination window opens at 9am UTC on April 10 and closes at 9am UTC on April 30. Further information about the nomination process and eligibility requirements will be posted in the forum in a call for nominees prior to opening of the nomination window.

In order to nominate yourself as a director, you must have write-access to all of the categories in the governance forum. Please submit the Participant Request form if you require write-access. If you have submitted the form and have not received a response it is because there is an invalid entry in your form. Please DM me on Twitter (@futurealisha) to follow up.

April 10: Nomination window opens
April 30: Nomination window closes

Election Process

A new director will be elected through a social vote of the DAO. The election to appoint a new director begins at 9am UTC on May 1 and will be open for five (5) days. The election will use approval voting as the voting method.

May 1: Election commences
May 5: Election ends


What are the responsibilities of an ENS Foundation Director? Are there other details that can be provided regarding this directorship?


This would be a great role for a lawyer. Maybe we can create a clear incentivize for the role utilizing the treasury in order to bring more quality contributors?


Good idea on both counts, but the lawyer needs the gift of gab along with diplomacy. Hard to find both. The easiest is just someone with a proven track record in marketing in the Web 2 domain world. One of the biggest problems with the ENS Foundation has been its dismal political efforts. There was enough money to get Ethiopia on board, but a lot of things have not gone well in that regard. .eth kind of depends on making that deal as I always saw it.

Mark Cuban would be a good example of someone who could get a big deal done. It doesn’t have to be a long term role, we need a heavy hitter, not just a random. Remuneration matters. There are 17 devs being paid to do virtually nothing. There would be money for 1,700 devs doing nothing if the right words were said to the right people with the right amount of money.

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Hi Alisha

Please can you expand and or explain this method?

Or perhaps a link to an example of what this means.

Thank you in advance.

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Here is a post on Director responsibilities.

You can also consult the Articles of Association.

@nick.eth is better placed to provide more information here.

Approval voting is the same voting method used for steward elections, which you can see here with the last vote to elect Ecosystem WG stewards: Snapshot

To vote, delegates will be asked to select each candidate they approve of for the director role.

Delegates will be able to select as many or as few candidates to approve as they like.

At the conclusion of voting, the top-ranked candidate will be appointed as a director of the ENS Foundation.

Here is a link to Snapshot docs explaining approval voting.


Thank you very much Alisha

Some good reading there. Starting to make more sense now and I appreciate the prompt reply.

And good luck in the coming weeks while you handle all of this.

I will do my best to pass on this info to my network.