Resignation from the ENS Foundation, effective upon the election of a replacement

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to resign my position as one of the three directors of the ENS Foundation, effective as soon as a replacement has been elected by the DAO. This will ensure that there are always at least three directors.

The ENS Foundation is a non-profit corporation that represents the DAO legally. (This is not to be confused with ENS Labs LTD, the core team organization, to which I haven’t been connected since February 2022.) You can read more about the ENS Foundation in the governance docs here. The other two directors are currently nick.eth and validator.eth.

Alisha.eth says she’ll organize the process for the DAO to select my replacement. It sounds like it’ll end up being a multi-week process which she says she’ll explain in more detail soon after this post.

I was a founding director of the ENS Foundation when it launched in November 2021, and I appreciate everyone who voted to keep me in the March 2022 attempt to remove and replace me. But for various personal reasons I’ve determined it’s now the right time for me to move on.



Godspeed Brantly :saluting_face:


Thank you for all your hard work!
And all the best for your next venture :crown:


I have created a thread on the process for appointing a new director of the ENS Foundation. Interested parties can find a link to the thread below.


Both totally disappointing and completely understandable. Best wishes, Brantly!


Thank you for all of your time and dedication, I hope you find a fulfilling career that pulls your heart as much as ENS once did :slight_smile:


Brantly.ENSisforeveryone.eth - Will always be yours mate!

Best of luck with your next venture! Hope we can stay in touch.



Thank you for doing the right thing. We might agree politically on most issues, but you have been a distraction and disservice to this project as a figurehead of leadership. Both you and Nick would be better served in the future with alter egos instead of conflating your work with your politics.

It would be nice if Nick would also resign. Nick has a very rude tweet as his pin on Twitter telling people who merely question him for sharing his often extremist political views that they can F-off into the Sun. Well, it would definitely hurt the ENS token price and optics severely if he left today, so there’s no room to say it is because we care about the price of our bags only now.

We obviously don’t want to lose the minds of Brantly and Nick. That would be an extremist view in itself, but they are not qualified for any political role, in fact both of them are quite possible the worst people to have on the ENS Foundation board. It’s just not what they are good at. Unfortunately, this has to be said bluntly.

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im not very enthused about this. but i wish you the best and hope that you will continue to contribute to the space.

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take care and thank you for all!