Concerns and Suggestions for Improving ENS Development and Community Relations

Dear ENS DAO/Dev Team,

I am writing to express my concern about two separate issues that have been affecting the ENS community. The first issue is the delay in the development of the subwrapper, which has been ongoing for over a year. The second issue is the disrespectful behavior that I and other members of the community have experienced from a developer for several years, including derogatory terms, discouragement towards domain buying customers with the term “scalpers” and actively discouraging people from buying names.

In regards to the delay of the subwrapper, it is important to understand the root cause of the delay. Is it a lack of resources, technical challenges or something else? Once the root cause is identified, a clear plan of action can be established to move forward. This plan should include regular updates to the community on the progress being made, and a realistic timeline for completion.

In regards to the disrespectful behavior, it is important to establish a code of conduct for all team members to adhere to. This code of conduct should clearly state what kind of behavior is acceptable and what is not. It should also have a process for reporting and addressing any violations of the code of conduct. Additionally, the team should make an effort to foster a positive and inclusive community by actively engaging with and listening to the community’s feedback and concerns.

I am willing to help in any way I can, whether it’s by providing feedback, participating in testing, or assisting in any other way that would be beneficial.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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I’m sorry to hear that you and other community members have been traumatized by another individual within. Personally, I am surprised to read such accusations as I have seen all individuals who are active contributors to the ENS DAO or employed by ENS Labs consistently present themselves in a professional manner. You can find the Code of Conduct for ENS DAO that is applicable to all those who participate here.

Regarding the fostering of community, ENS as in the multiple components that are within the ecosystem in fact actively engage with the community and public. Almost every interaction with the public; such as Twitter Spaces which would include multiple types of public presentation like ENS Open Office Hours, ENS Town Halls have always allowed time for an open forum from community participants.

Not to exclude the weekly working group meetings from the Meta-Governance, Ecosystem and Public Good Working Groups are regularly scheduled and happen weekly. These forums are voice and video chat enabled and always allow for discourse and feedback from the meeting participants.

Public Goods Working Group Meeting Info
Ecosystem Working Group Weekly Meeting Info
Meta-Governance Working Group Weekly Meeting Info

Also to include the mainstay and centralized ground for sharing information, raising concerns, providing suggestions or a place of inspiration for contribution–here on the discussion forum. You are able to find almost everything there is to know about ENS here on this discussion forum.

I encourage you to attend the Meta-Governance or Ecosystem Working group meetings and voice your concern.

I may have further guidance for you on a more formal process to voice your complaint if you may feel uncomfortable addressing the issue on a live forum.

As far as development concerns go, ENS takes pride in the product it presents. ENS has a very high standard and ensures that all products given to the public are without any issues or discrepancies that would cause a community member any duress if something were to fail, functionally. There has been multiple updates on the name name wrapper. It has gone through multiple audits by various auditing professionals to ensure that product delivered is top-notch. ENS wants to ensure that the attacks surface has no backdoors to keep you and your interactions with said contracts safe and without worry. Again, value only comes from what it’s worth and it’s worth the extra time to ensure your worth is valued in use per se.

I also want to reiterate that ENS has no influence on secondary markets and can not control the actions, or behavior of others outside of this forum. Also ENS is an open source project and welcomes your contribution to the Ecosystem. If you have a project that you are building, I encourage you to share within the Public Goods WG or the Ecosystem WG. There are also small grants available to help support your endeavors if need be.
The current small grants funding round is accepting submissions for the next ~48 hours and can be found here if that may interest you.

My inbox is open if you feel that you need to share any details privately or address any concerns if a live forum or making public statement on this forum is uncomfortable.


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If you have any comments or concerns about the behavior of ENS Labs team members, you can reach out to @khori.eth directly on Twitter (@KhoriWhittaker). Khori is the Executive Director of ENS Labs and his DMs are open.