Agenda for Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting, August 1st @ 7pm GMT

Google Meet link :

Stewards : @Coltron.eth @nick.eth, and @simona_pop


A) Google Workpace/Pod Admin (@Coltron.eth
B) Code of Conduct review (@estmcmxci)
C) Endowment Update (@nick.eth)
D) Reserved for additional topics.


I have to miss this one - please can we share any notes or action points.

For those keeping track, Iā€™m pushing my agenda item out to next week so I have a little more time to prepare.

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Call Minutes

A) Google Workspace/Pod Admin

  • coltron.eth will provide credentials to lead stewards. Workspace is up. We should be able to generate a single meeting link that the stewards can manage.

B) Code of Conduct review

  • Thursday, it will go to the mods for review, and they will implement it at their discretion on the forum and discord.

C) Endowment Update

  • Nick will post it on the forum when it is ready. A draft has already been prepared with the help of Simona and JMJ.

D) Reserved for additional topics.

  • Carlosdp.eth would like to present projects next week enabling ENS DAO grants and voting to L2 using L1 token balances.