Agenda for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, August 16, 2022 @ 5PM GMT

Meeting Link:

Term #2 Elected Stewards : @theanthonyware, @AvsA , and @ceresstation

A) Updates on Small Grants for August 2022
B) Gitcoin GR15 and the role of the Public Goods WG (For context read this thread @alisha.eth)
C) Open space for additional public goods topics

Feel free to suggest topics by replying to this thread.


Call Minutes

Attendees: alisha.eth, anthonyware.eth, coltron.eth, ceresstation.eth, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, ricmoo.eth, Anas Hamada, Okoronkwo Chidi

A) Updates on Small Grants for August 2022

  • Small grants are expected to go live this week once updates have been implemented.

B) Gitcoin GR15 and the role of the Public Goods WG

  • GR15 will run from the 7-22nd of September. Ecosystem is contributing 69k for GR15.
  • A forum post dedicated to GR15 can be found on the Governance Forum.
  • Projects submitting for this upcoming round should aim to have their submission in by September 3rd. Join the Twitter space on Friday if you have any questions!
  • GR15 Advocacy Round
    • Attendees discussed additionally contributing the Gitcoin Advocacy round. A poll of attendees was in favor of recurring funding for Gitcoin Advocacy rounds.
    • The PG working group has 100k available to allocate to Gitcoin advocacy rounds during term two.
    • Different funding amounts were discussed, but amounts are still to be determined.

C) Open space for additional public goods topics

  • Highlighting more women’s initiatives was requested.
    • In response, partnership ideas were discussed, and specific female dev rels were suggested as possible points of contact.
  • Moving call time to 2pm EST was polled.



Will you post that thread you mentioned on the call re: lists of women led initiatives within the ENS Ecosystem? I think it would be helpful to highlight these projects especially ahead of GR15. Here are some projects that myself and @Elle97 are suggesting to keep an eye out on:

  • Shefi
  • She256
  • Ensqueens
  • Womenbuildweb3
  • Surge
  • blu3dao

In regards to reaching out female dev rels as a point of contact, I think it is a good idea we do so now in order to keep the momentum. @alisha.eth had brought up a female dev rel from Graph Protocol. Should we look to her to help direct female led dev projects towards ENS’ GR15 round?


I can add ENSgrows to the list. It’s a weekly newsletter not unlike the ENS DAO Newsletter, but with a emphasis on ENS community builders & developers.

I believe it is lead by dr3a.eth (one of the ENSQueens). I also believe she recently created a GitCoin grant application for GR15.

If any of the projects you named above have a GR15 grant please let me or @3402.eth know, we are doing 10 Twitter spaces for GR15 projects we have 5 scheduled and would like to schedule more female led projects.

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