Gitcoin x ENS Ecosystem round for GR15

GR15: September 7th - 22nd

It’s nearly time for Gitcoin’s quarterly Grants Round. The Ecosystem working group will distribute $69k in an ENS Ecosystem round as part of GR15.

Please read through the thread at the end of this post for more information on GR15.

Gitcoin Grants Rounds use Quadratic Voting to distribute funds to grantees. You can find more information on how Quadratic Voting works here.

The next round of Gitcoin Grants, GR15, starts on September 7th and runs until September 22nd. You can view grants in the previous ENS round here.

If you are building a project, creating content, or improving the ENS ecosystem in any way, please consider creating a grant and participating in the ENS ecosystem round.

If you have questions about Gitcoin Grants or the ENS Ecosystem round specifically, please reply to this thread or DM alisha.eth or slobo.eth.

Action Items

Eligibility Discussion

  • Eligibility requirements for the ENS Ecosystem round for GR15 will be discussed at the weekly Ecosystem working group meeting on August 15th. Please consider attending if you are interested in contributing to the discussion. Details about the call are here. The discussion around eligibility will be open for at least a week, to allow for comments, and for community members to voice feedback on the call next week as well.

Create a grant

  • You can create a grant now. You do not need to wait for the round to open. It is advised that you create your grant before September 3rd so your grant can complete the review process before the round starts. Read through this document before creating a grant. Create a grant here.


Gitcoin website
Gitcoin Twitter
Gitcoin Onboarding Document with FAQs
ENS ecosystem round on Gitcoin


Hi @alisha.eth

For GR15 @ENSPunks.eth and I are going to host spaces every Tuesday & Thursday 12:00PM - 1:00PM (PST), starting next Tuesday through September 22. The plan is to schedule GR15 projects/builders and provide a platform for them to educate the community about their projects and grants.

Our goal is to help raise awareness for GitCoin/GR15 generally, and help raise funding from the community for the individual grants.

Informally we have confirmed interest from the teams at:, Esteroids and Nimi. We welcome any other projects/builders that will be taking part in GR15 to reach out to coordinate and schedule a space with us to share their project with the community.

Also, as one of the ENS Queens, I would like to make a specific request for any grants applicants with female team members, leads, or an emphasis on encouraging onboarding of more women in the space to reach out.



This is amazing! Can you please ping me or @Coltron.eth about getting the ENS DAO Twitter account to join your Space to help amplify.

…this is a bit meta, but you + @ENSPunks.eth could create a grant for GR15 around the Spaces that you are hosting to raise awareness for other grants in the ENS Ecosystem round. This is exactly the type of non-technical contribution that we hope to encourage within the community!


Thanks Alisha that’s a great idea! We will create a ENS/GitCoin grant and make a tutorial video of it for learning. Thank you for offering to join the space! I will ping you/Coltron as soon as we confirm the first grant we will be highlighting next Tuesday.

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Looking for feedback on your grants page for GR15?

Join us tomorrow to get feedback.
You don’t need to have submitted your grant to attend.
The session is open to anyone with questions about the ENS Ecosystem round for GR15.


If you have submitted your grant, please fill in this Airtable form so we can keep track of your grant.

FYI: ENS tags will be applied to grants from September 6th